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Safe Water, Simplified.


Enaqua offers a proven, customer-centric approach to water disinfection and purification that is designed to work more effectively, and is easier to maintain than anything else in the market. Customers who use Enaqua’s safe water solutions will not only save man hours and operational costs – they will gain peace of mind knowing Enaqua’s technologies are built to provide years of exceptional performance and reliability.


  • Enlight Non-Contact UV System

    Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is designed with the UV lamps kept separate from the water. The system is designed with water flowing through light transmitting AFP™ tubes and with the UV lamps placed on the outside of the tubes.

    More Information » www.enaqua.com/uv-solutions

    Enlight Non-Contact UV System

  • Enaqua's Newly Validated ENLIGHT

    ENLIGHT Key Improvements: - Improved disinfection capacity through higher disinfection density - Improved UVC utilization efficiency with specially designed reflection - Modular design with self-contained reactor temperature control system - SMART lamp technology where the lamps track performance and status - Compact footprint with internal cooling system and optimized UVC output More »

    Enaqua's Newly Validated ENLIGHT