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Syneco Systems Inc

Manufacturers of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Odor Control PEACEMAKER® Dry Air Scrubber, Manhole Scrubber and Vent Scrubber line with our PEACEMAKER® Converting Media.

Syneco Systems Inc

Syneco Systems Inc., a family owned business, was founded in 1983. We are headquartered in Minnesota and our manufacturing plants are located in central California and Minnesota.

We are a manufacturer of (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control equipment with our innovative PEACEMAKER® Dry Air Scrubber, Manhole Scrubber and Vent Scrubber line, used with our industry leading patented PEACEMAKER® Converting media technology, which is designed for point source (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide control, thus eliminating large and costly centralized scrubber systems primarily in municipal and industrial wastewater collection systems and treatment plants.  

Unlike activated carbon that absorbs (H2S), our patented PEACEMAKER® Converting Media Technology reacts with (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide to form a water soluble and non-volatile poly sulfide, that is readily biodegradable. In simple terms, gaseous (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide is turned into a stable liquid polymer.

•PEACEMAKER® Scrubbers with PEACEMAKER® Converting Media: Removes (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide loading's greater than 2000+ PPM
• 99%+ Average & Peak Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Loading Removal
• Designed and sized for each Wastewater Application
• No Maintenance, added Chemical, Biological or Water Addition
• Corrosion Control
• Easy to Install
• Cost Effective


  • PEACEMAKER® Converting Dry Air Scrubbers for (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide Odor Control

    PEACEMAKER® Dry Air Scrubbers are used as a single vessel, two vessels in series or two vessels in parallel. The scrubbers provide two stages of PEACEMAKER® Converting/Polishing media for the control of hydrogen sulfide (H2S), and other odors generated in wastewater collection systems, manholes and lift stations along with controlling various point source odors present in wastewater treatment plants.

    Our scrubbers are maintenance free, effective, economic and require no chemical addition.

    More Information » synecosystems.com/products/h2s-converting-polishin...

    PEACEMAKER® Converting Dry Air Scrubber...
  • PEACEMAKER® Manhole Scrubbers for (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide Odor and Corrosion Control

    PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers provide control of (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide and other odors, as well as corrosion control, while allowing generous venting through our patented PEACEMAKER® Converting media.

    Our custom made ABS plastic Manhole Scrubbers are effective, economic, easily installed by one person and require no maintenance.

    More Information » synecosystems.com/products/peacemaker-odor-control...

    PEACEMAKER® Manhole Scrubbers for (H2S)...
  • PEACEMAKER® Vent Scrubbers for (H2S) Odor Control

    PEACEMAKER® Vent Scrubbers Odor Control technology is designed for the control of (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide, mercaptans and other malodorous compounds found in sewer gases.

    Nearly all vent stacks suffer with odor problems, whether they are on homes, commercial buildings, small lift stations or EQ tanks. The main culprit is (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide, but other malodorous compounds are present, as well. The problem has largely been ignored or ineffectively treated with activated carbon.

    PEACEMAKER® Vent Scrubbers use the same PEACEMAKER® Converting Media technology used in PEACEMAKER® Dry Air Scrubbers and in PEACEMAKER® Odor Control Manhole Scrubbers.

    Proven, practical technology which destroys odors — and lasts.

    More Information » synecosystems.com/products/peacemaker-odor-control...

    PEACEMAKER® Vent Scrubbers for (H2S) Od...
  • PEACEMAKER® Converting Media for (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide Odor and Corrosion Control

    PEACEMAKER® Converting/Polishing Media is impregnated with a patented polymeric amine and can be used in high (H2S) Hydrogen Sulfide conditions. 

    Disposal is not an issue when the media is changed out as recommended by the manufacturer. 

    More Information » synecosystems.com/products/media/,

    PEACEMAKER® Converting Media for (H2S)...