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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

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Smith & Loveless, Inc.

For 70 years, Smith & Loveless' pre-engineered water and wastewater treatment and pumping systems have paved the way for municipalities, developments, industry, governmental, and military facilities. Smith & Loveless' energy-efficient and durable systems deliver unrivaled life-cycle cost savings.


  • NEW TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bio Reactor

    The enhanced TITAN MBR™ Membrane BioReactor system delivers the best MBR operator experience with a streamlined pre-packaged design, superior high-performance flat-sheet membranes and intuitive graphical touchscreen PLC controls and smart automation features. Tailored to your specific permit requirements, the system can achieve superior effluent quality including for water reuse and Title 22 approval. 

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    NEW TITAN MBR™ Membrane Bio Reactor
  • EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations

    EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Stations represent the next generation of durable Smith & Loveless above-grade pumping systems, eliminating confined space concerns and delivering low lifecycle costs. We’ve redesigned our 2-pump models with stylish new enclosures, created convenient package options, and backed it all with the industry’s best warranty protection.

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    EVERLAST™ Wet Well Mounted Pump Statio...
  • PISTA® 360™ with V-FORCE BAFFLE™

    The PISTA® 360™ Grit Removal System with patented V-FORCE BAFFLE™ captures 95 percent of grit particles down to 140 mesh / 105 microns. The  V-FORCE BAFFLE™ directs the inlet flow into the chamber in a manner that ensures a full 360° vortex flow, which prevents short-circuiting and provides maximum travel for the most effective grit removal. No downstream level control devices required.

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    PISTA® 360™ with V-FORCE BAFFLE™
  • Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™

    The Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™ process represents the next generation in emerging biofilm process technology, featuring completely renewable and green patented bio-carrier media that delivers the crucial bio-treatment results of conventional MBBR/IFAS processes and ballasted clarifier settling with a smarter, more cost-effective green approach.

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    Green+Green™ Mobile Organic Biofilm™
  • OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System

    The new OPTIFLOW 270™ Baffle System retrofits into 270 degree PISTA® grit chambers in order to augment removal efficiency and manage wider flow variations. The upgrade yields 95% removal efficiencies down to 150 microns (100 mesh). This baffle can be applied for non-S&L cone-shaped 270 degree chambers. and also new systems, to offer superior grit removal.

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    OPTIFLOW 270® Baffle System
  • STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pumps

    Smith & Loveless announces its latest pumping innovation: the S&L STAR ONE™ Non-Clog Pump, an enhanced line of solids-handling wastewater pumps that builds on the Smith & Loveless legacy of superior pump efficiency and longevity to provide unparalleled durability, ease of maintenance and a 3-5% improvement in pump efficiency. The pump is designed to pass 3" (76 mm) solids.

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    STAR ONE™ S&L Non-Clog Pumps
  • X-PELLER® Impeller

    The non-clog X-PELLER® wastewater pump impeller features a unique monoport design that allows it to successfully pass problem flushables. In numerous field tests, the X-PELLER® has been proven to effectively expel high volumes of wipes, rags and other stringy materials, eliminating costly downtimes and the need to tear apart pumps. 

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    X-PELLER® Impeller
  • RAPIDJACK® Quick Clean Check Valve

    Revolutionizing wafer check valve maintenance, the RAPIDJACK® Quick-Clean Check Valve is easily removed and replaced by a single operator in less than 15 minutes. Its unique design allows the clapper system to be removed while the valve body remains in the piping. Simply remove four bolts, lift the clapper system and remove the obstruction, and reinsert the clapper system and four bolts and you are right back to pumping!

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    RAPIDJACK® Quick Clean Check Valve
  • PISTA® VIO™ Variable Inlet & Outlet Grit Removal System

    The PISTA® Vio™ Grit Removal System provides unprecedented application flexibility and superior grit removal efficiencies with a design that allows for full variability of the inlet and outlet chambers, offering simple installation into existing sites or an efficient footprint for new sites. Its hydraulically forced ring-and-tunnel system creates the vortex flow path necessary to provide 95% grit removal down to 105 microns (140 mesh).

    More Information » smithandloveless.com/products/grit-removal-systems...

    PISTA® VIO™ Variable Inlet & Outlet G...
  • Model R OXIGEST® Wastewater Treatment System

    For high-strength process wastewater or larger flows up to 5 MGD (19,000 cmd), the proven Model R OXIGEST® provides flexible treatment processes, stable system operation and the most space-efficient footprint available. Its concentric tankage combines multiple biological treatment processes, while limiting capital and installation expenses, land usage and construction time.

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    Model R OXIGEST® Wastewater Treatment S...
  • FAST® (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment) System

    The FAST® Wastewater Treatment System features a fixed-film, aerobic process designed for tackling variable load and flow conditions. Eliminating on-going sludge management, Its fully submerged media provides sufficient surface area for robust bacterial growth and retention. The system easily adapts to low flows or shock loads, without the need for return sludge. The results are high BOD/TSS removal.

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    FAST® (Fixed Activated Sludge Treatment...
  • TITAN MBR QUBE™ Wastewater Treatment System

    TITAN MBR QUBE™ is a complete factory-built packaged wastewater treatment system featuring a compact design for simple shipping and mobility. Equipped with the same membrane bioreactor technology that made S&L an industry leader in wastewater treatment, the system provides simple, economical and efficient plug and play treatment in a much smaller footprint than conventional treatment systems.

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    TITAN MBR QUBE™ Wastewater Treatment S...
  • SCHLOSS™ Screening Technologies

    S&L delivers complete wastewater screening solutions designed for superior durability, performance and real life-cycle cost value. Our comprehensive array of proven SCHLOSS™ engineered screening solutions handle coarse and fine screening, washing, compacting and conveying for both municipal and industrial applications. SCHLOSS™ screens have more than 100 years of combined operation.

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    SCHLOSS™ Screening Technologies
  • SCHLOSS™ Grit Washers & Classifiers

    The S&L SCHLOSS™ Grit Classifier design takes special care for all aspects of classifier construction in order to maximize service life and performance. Feature rugged materials and build, the classifiers are backed by decades of engineering experience in bulk material handling. Screw sizes range from 6”- 30” / 150 - 760 mm.

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    SCHLOSS™ Grit Washers & Classifiers
  • PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer

    The PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer uses exclusive TRI-CLEANSE TECHNOLOGY™ to produce clean grit while minimizing the odor caused by putrescible organics and the costs associated with growing landfill restrictions. Maximizing retention of fine sand with a footprint similar to standard conveyors, the system produces grit with less than 5% organic material content and less than 10% water content.

    More Information » www.smithandloveless.com/products/grit-washing-dew...

    PISTA® TURBO™ Grit Washer
  • CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Stations

    Smith & Loveless offers the CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station to meet large-flow pumping system needs with pump sizes ranging from 4”-12” (100mm-300mm). Designed with exclusive SAFE-STAIR™ entry, internal HVAC systems and spacious interiors, the CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Station promotes safe, continuous human occupancy and is easily adaptable for future pumping needs. 

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    CAPSULAR® Underground Pump Stations
  • ADDIGEST® Aerobic Wastewater Treatment

    The ADDIGEST® Wastewater Treatment System name is derived from "add-on-digestion" and attests to the versatility of this system. It offers treatment from basic BOD and TSS removal to nutrient removal and advanced treatment. ADDIGEST® is available in both a factory-built system and a larger field-erected system, both offering infinite flexibility to meet varying treatment volumes and design parameters.

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    ADDIGEST® Aerobic Wastewater Treatment
  • S&L Clarifiers

    Pre-engineered designs include circular clarifiers (center and peripheral feed), parallel plate separators, solids contact clarifiers, thickeners and rectangular scraper systems. Diameters range from 10’ (3.048 m) to more than 100’ (30.48 m) with half-bridge and full configurations. Tank design options consist of concrete, mild steel, stainless steel and non-metallic.

    More Information » smithandloveless.com/products/clarifiers

    S&L Clarifiers