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Thompson leads the way with high-performance pumps for dewatering, wastewater bypass, and stormwater bypass applications. Our pumps are tailor-built to meet our customers’ specific needs, and tough enough to tackle the harshest challenges.

Our experts have supported the Public Works sector for over 50 years. Our Applications Engineering Department assists in the design and set up of complicated special projects and works hand-in-hand with your staff to ensure pumping projects operate according to plan.

When you procure Thompson pumps for local, state, or federal government agency use, you can be confident that you are getting high-quality equipment and unsurpassed customer service. Thompson Pump is an ISO 9001:2015 certified pump manufacturer and has been awarded cooperative purchasing contracts with the Government Services Administration (GSA), Sourcewell, and the Florida Sheriffs Association. This high-quality manufacturing certification and various procurement contracts demonstrate our ongoing commitment to the government sector and our goal to provide customers with dependable equipment that offers the best overall value.


  • Stationary Pumps

    Thompson’s highly efficient stationary bypass pumps are permanently installed at wastewater lift stations to provide automatic emergency bypass pumping during any emergency event. These solids handling, end-suction centrifugal pumps prevent any sanitary sewer overflow during power outages, mechanical failure, general maintenance, inflow, and infiltration. The pump operates intermittently based on the water level in the wet well, consuming a fraction of the diesel fuel of traditional on-site emergency generators. Varying application give Thompson Pump’s Enviroprime System® a unique advantage because of its ability to prime from a dry state and prevent excess wastewater from exiting the pump. This system design provides a lifetime warranty on the venturi priming device: a critical component to the reliability of the pumping system. These advantages make the Thompson Pump a more efficient option for permanent emergency preparedness at any wastewater lift station.

    Stationary Pumps
  • Portable Pumps

    Nationwide, local governments have depended on Thompson’s portable pumps for over 50 years. These portable, dry priming bypass pumps incorporate a modular frame design, on-board diesel fuel tank, and heavy-duty trailer components. Municipal filed technicians can easily mobilize these pumps by simply connecting them to their vehicles, towing to the application, and installing the necessary accessories. These portable pumps are utilized in a wide variety of applications, such as: emergency flood response, stormwater transfer, and various types of sewer bypass pumping. The pumps incorporate Thompson’s unique Enviroprime System® allowing the pump to reliably prime and re-prime automatically without allowing any wastewater to exit the priming system. Standardizing portable Thompson Pumps allows any municipality to increase the operational efficiency of a municipal field staff, effectively prepare for emergency events, and maximize the value of the portable pump fleet.

    Portable Pumps
  • Compressor-Assisted Enviroprime System ®

    Thompson pumps with the Enviroprime System® are used on many applications where the project site cannot be contaminated by pump fluids, such as sewage or hazardous effluent. The Enviroprime System® provides quick initial priming and consistent re-priming along with the ability to prevent the pumping of effluent discharge, commonly known as “blow-by,” into the environment. The Thompson Pump Enviroprime System® also eliminates the need to fill the pump with water to obtain initial prime at start-up.

    When pumping sewage, possible leaks must be considered because of the effects to the environment and the fines and penalties that may be assessed by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) – not to mention the cleanup costs that are associated with an overflow. The Enviroprime System® provides this peace of mind.

    Compressor-Assisted Enviroprime System ...
  • Oil-Less Vacuum Technology

    Thompson Pump offers an exclusive and revolutionary OVT (oil-less vacuum technology) system that provides more efficient, automatic priming with no oil lubrication, lower maintenance and higher air handling for faster priming and re-priming. With OVT, pumps finish a day having moved 25,000+ gallons of water rather than the often typical few thousand gallons.
    The Thompson Pump OVT priming system is tolerant to accidental liquid carryover. Prior vacuum priming systems would be damaged, making the OVT priming system the most rugged priming system on the portable pump market today. No recirculating oil is needed, and by eliminating the oil we eliminate any possible pollution, offering a much improved and eco-friendly alternative.

    The OVT priming unit only requires service every 10,000 hours, has large solids handling capability of up to 4 inches and is available in electric or diesel-driven variations.

    Oil-Less Vacuum Technology
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