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Shand & Jurs, An L & J Technologies Company

Offering a Complete Line of Digester Gas Safety Equipment


  • Shand & Jurs Biogas Expanda-Seal™

    Shand & Jurs offers a uniquely designed seal, named Expanda-Seal™, which uses tank pressure to inflate the gasket. This design actually uses the internal vessel pressure to create a tighter seal the closer the pressure gets to the set point.

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Expanda-Seal....

     Shand & Jurs Biogas Expanda-Seal™
  • Digester Cover Equipment

    Shand & Jurs Biogas provides gas safety equipment on top of digester covers including pressure/vacuum vents, flame arresters, 3-way safety selector valves along with emergency vent/manhole covers and cover position indication. We provide the most effective sealing technology to reduce emissions on the market

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Digester-Cove...

    Digester Cover Equipment
  • Biogas Digester Gas Stream Equipment

    Discover how your digester gases can be converted from liability to an asset in this sample system. Dropping out sediment and condensate the cleaned gases can be used to supplement plant service gas to run boilers, heat exchangers and other equipment including turbines. 

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Digester-Gas-...

    Biogas Digester Gas Stream Equipment
  • Safety Equipment in Methanol Systems

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Safety-Equipm...

    Safety Equipment in Methanol Systems
  • Waste Gas Burners and Flares

    With a complete line of Waste Gas Flares/Burners for anaerobic digestion, Shand & Jurs Biogas manufactures Enclosed Waste Gas Burners for municipal treatment, food processing, landfill, brewery and dairy applications.

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Waste-Gas-Bur...

    Waste Gas Burners and Flares
  • "T" Series Touch Screen Control Panels

    The Shand & Jurs Biogas Touch Screen Flare Control Panel utilizes state of the art technology designed for complete automatic operation of the entire Flare System. With the ability to monitor temperature, time, spark, and pilot, the Touch Screen Flare Control Panel gives the operator more flexibility in controlling the system with more parameters easily configured via the touch screen.

    Designed with the system operator in mind, the Control Panel is extremely user friendly, easy to use and offers efficient utility flare control. The Control Panel can also be connected to a local PLC.

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Control-Panel...

  • Insulation Jackets

    Shand & Jurs insulation jackets provide heat retention for equipment in cold weather environments. Construction of the insulating jacket is silicone impregnated woven glass cloth lining with 1'' thick fiber glass material. The jacket is easy to install and remove in the field.

    More Information » www.ljtechnologies.com/sjbio/Product-Insulation-Ja...

    Insulation Jackets



  • Michael Landato

    Shand & Jurs, An L & J Technologies Company
    Hillside, Illinois