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Schwing Bioset, Inc.

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  • Screw Press

    The Schwing Bioset Screw Press provides a state-of-the-art solution for wastewater plants and consulting engineers looking to improve their dewatering process. Offering the widest range of model sizes available on the market, the Schwing Bioset Screw Press also comes with a wide range of features designed specifically with the wastewater treatment plant operator in mind. Dewatering results are similar to high-speed centrifuges with a fraction of the energy and maintenance costs and are suitable for unattended operations. Two advantages of the Screw Press are that it does not need to suspend dewatering operations for the cleaning cycle and the high-performance dewatering screen that allows greater throughput in a smaller footprint. The Schwing Bioset Screw Press offers next generation dewatering for those wanting a cost effective, durable, efficient unit to reduce the volume of their biosolids.

    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/screw-pre...

    Screw Press
  • Bioset Process

    The Bioset process achieves Class A biosolids via the time vs. temperature equation and pH adjustment per the EPA 503 regulations. Temperature is achieved through the addition of quicklime and sulfamic acid and high pH is achieved through the addition of quicklime. Biosolids and chemicals are homogeneously mixed in a Schwing Bioset twin screw feeder and pumped with a Schwing Bioset piston pump through an insulated reactor. As the Bioset process is totally enclosed the process operates odor free. The reactor discharge provides the only location for gases to escape and they are easily collected and scrubbed utilizing a small water scrubber. The resulting final product has an odor that is similar to wet concrete. The following features of the Bioset process make it an attractive solution to many small and large wastewater treatment plants:
    • Simple system that is easy to operate
    • Requires little maintenance
    • Provides a consistent Class A product that offers...
    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/bioset-pr...

    Bioset Process
  • Municipal Pumps - Material/Biosolid Handling

    For more than three decades Schwing has addressed all aspects of residual management by pioneering the concept of moving materials through a pipeline. This technology was originally developed and successfully applied to concrete pumping using a twin cylinder, all-hydraulic piston pump. This same basic design has proven very effective conveying a myriad of materials through a pipeline including biosolids in municipal applications worldwide. Today Schwing Bioset is the recognized leader in Biosolids pump technology. A broad range of Schwing Bioset sludge pump systems with pumping rates exceeding 1000 gpm and pumping pressures over 3,500 psi on some models suggest unlimited possibilities for conveyance of materials previously considered un-pumpable. Schwing Bioset pumps, feed systems, power units, pipelines, drying, alkaline stabilization, sliding frame discharge systems, valves, control systems, and accessories provide single source responsibility and versatility to tailor a system to...
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    Municipal Pumps - Material/Biosolid Hand...
  • Struvite and Phosphorous Recovery Technology

    At plants utilizing anaerobic digestion, Struvite commonly forms and creates issues with pipes clogging and equipment being damaged as a result of scaling. Tanks also accumulate Struvite, which require periodic removal and additional expense to plant operations. Schwing Bioset’s nutrient removal system recovers Ortho-Phosphate and Ammonia Nitrogen from wastewater while offering benefits to the treatment plant. This controlled struvite formation significantly reduces phosphorus loads within the plant, but also prevents unwanted scaling and accumulations while creating a valuable end product. The phosphorus forms a stable Struvite crystal that can be marketed and sold for beneficial reuse, thus keeping excess phosphorus out of the local waterways and helping close the phosphorus recycling loop. Three primary configuration of the technology are available, each designed and configured to solve specific issues encountered in wastewater treatment plants.

    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/nuresys

    Struvite and Phosphorous Recovery Techno...
  • Sliding Frame Silos

    Schwing Bioset, Inc., the leader in storage, conveyance and pumping of municipal biosolids presents our proven line of sliding frame and push floor storage handling systems. Available in circular or rectangular designs, sliding frames and push floors provide a low cost method to store both large and small quantities of biosolids. The simplicity and reliability of the sliding frame technology has quickly made this a preferred technology of wastewater treatment plants. Actuated by a small hydraulic power pack the sliding frame eliminates the need for large gear boxes, spur gears and the other maintenance intensive components associated with traditional live bottom technology. The hydraulic drive actuates a hydraulic cylinder to move the sliding frame across the silo floor. The leading beveled edge of the sliding frame cuts underneath the biosolids and the flat surface on the interior feeds the material into the extraction screw. This process breaks any material bridging that may occur...
    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/silo

    Sliding Frame Silos
  • Fluid Bed Drying Systems

    Fluid Bed Drying Systems
    Schwing Bioset, Inc. offers indirect-heated, thermal drying technology for producing Class A material from dewatered municipal wastewater treatment sludge. Based on the use of a fluidized bed dryer, the approach is to granulate and heat the biosolids within the dryer, and produce a dry, cool, dust free material as the end product. The media for providing the thermal energy can be by use of circulated thermal oil, steam or hot water. The energy for heating the media can be from combustion of natural gas, digester gas, or even waste heat sources. The use of a fluidized bed keeps the number of moving parts to an absolute minimum. Features of the technology include:
    • Flanged, welded construction with minimal sealing surfaces allowing for minimal odors and dust issues
    • Use of recirculated inert gas in closed loop drying & cooling steps, results in very high energy efficiencies and low volume of offgas
    • Low operating temp...
    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/fluid-bed...

    Fluid Bed Drying Systems
  • Conveyors

    Screw conveyors can be an efficient solution to collect, classify, transport and distribute materials, or unload silos. Designed for use in demanding applications and to move a wide range of materials, the high-quality conveyors Schwing Bioset produces are available in multiple configurations to suit the challenges of every application. Available as shafted, shaftless, or with ribbon flights, screw conveyors can be configured horizontally, inclined, vertically, as a live bottom, or as a mixer, to solve any number of challenges within your plant. Schwing Bioset screw conveyors are customized with a variety of product features and options, including liners, covers, odor control, and more.

    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/conveyors

  • Container Wagon

    Schwing Bioset’s Container Wagon was developed to transfer dumpsters in and out of buildings with low clearances that prevented transport trucks from delivering containers to the needed location. Simply deposit the dumpster onto the Container Wagon and it shuttles the dumpster into position. The Container Wagon will also reposition the dumpster during loading operations such that material is evenly distributed within the dumpster making it ideal for receiving grit, screenings, or even tracking under plate and frame dewatering presses. When the dumpster is full the Container Wagon will shuttle the dumpster back to the loading point for removal.

    Advantages of the Schwing Bioset Container Wagon design:
    • Requires only two rails for travel
    • Single carriage design conforms with safe machine design practice and maintains positive control at all times
    • Discrete positioning system
    • Mechanical coupling hitch to secure Container Wagon at end...
    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/dumpster-...

    Container Wagon
  • SBI Solutions

    SBI Solutions provides a complete, cost effective Class A or B Solution as a compact, modular system with minimal set up requirements. The proven reliability of a piston pump combined with the patented Bioset process is integrated with efficient screw press dewatering capability to make this a one-stop solution to your biosolids handling needs. 

    More Information » www.schwingbioset.com/municipal-products/screw-pre...

    SBI Solutions



  • Chuck Wanstrom

    Vice President - Sales & Marketing
    Schwing Bioset, Inc.
    Somerset, Wisconsin

  • Kelly Kramer

    Marketing Associate
    Schwing Bioset, Inc.
    Somerset, Wisconsin