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At RF Valves Inc. and Vent-O-Mat  USA we are highly skilled manufacturers of premium valves including:

- Pinch valves (Manual, Automated & air operated)

- Slurry knife gate valves (up to 50 Bar)

- Vacuum preventing and Air release valves. (up to 100 bar)


Founded in 1993 in Maryland and Finland, RF VALVES, INC. was built on an idea for a better pinch valve. 
The concept of an innovative expansion fold in the elastomer tube that would lasts 2 to 4 times longer than traditional tubes and a pinch valve design that allows for in-line tube replacement, cutting maintenance time by 75% was all it took for the company to take off. Engineers in a wide range of industries were thrilled with the valve’s performance, and still are today.

Industry Leading, World-Class Valve Solutions

In the last 30 years, we have seen the engineering challenges across the world’s most important industries – and we’ve set out to solve them. We are proud to design, manufacture and sell the best brands and products on the market. Find out what makes RF VALVES stand out from the rest.

- Unprecedented Durability - Our valves outlast the competition due to our high quality standards and superior design.

- Engineered Solutions for the Toughest Applications - We offer customized solutions to our clients. Our engineers have solved many application challenges which have caused failures for our competitors.

-Easy Maintenance - Our designs save maintenance time & eliminate the need for recalibration.

- On-demand Technical Service and Support – Anywhere in the World - We provide immediate, on-demand technical service, sales and after-sales support for every valve we sell through our global distribution and sales network.

-International Standard Compliance - ASME B16.1, DIN 3202 F5/F15 and ISO 5752 face-to-face dimensions on all pinch valves

- Fast & Dependable Delivery - We understand our clients’ immediate needs and our Rapid Response Center satisfies their urgent requests.

Fast Service with a Global Reach
RF VALVES has three headquarters: American (USA), European (Finland), and South Africa which enables us to sell our industry-leading valves all over the world. No matter where you are, if you need our valves, you can find them. Connect with a distributor near you to get FAST delivery. You’ll love the quality, reliability, and speed of our service.



  • Danilo Garcia
    Danilo Garcia

    RF Valves, Inc / Vent-O-Mat USA
    United States