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  • LNMS 3 and 5-wheel liquid tankers, DNMS 3 and 5-wheel spreaders

    Our 3-wheeled 4103 and 5105, 5-wheeled machines are rugged, durable, high-flotation spreaders with about every imaginable configuration. Both models are all-wheel drive featuring a front wheel with a 70-degree turning radius, and the 5105 has steerable rear axles. Oxbo has three top level choices including a Tebbe box , liquid manure injection or a 5105, drag hose system. Each system is built to the highest standards to accurately and evenly distribute your valuable nutrients. You decide what you want to spread and how you want to spread it.

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    LNMS 3 and 5-wheel liquid tankers, DNMS...



  • Bill Lortie

    Manure & Waste Application Specialist
    Oxbo International
    United States

  • Steve Pesik

    Market Manager
    Oxbo International
    United States