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BDP Industries

Manufacturer of Dewatering, Thickening and Compost Equipment


  • 3DP Belt Press

    The 3DP Belt Press has continuously proven to be a reliable machine for various types of dewatering applications. The 3DP offers ease of access and simplified maintenance. The features listed below lead the 3DP to achieve the highest throughput capacity and dewatering performance in the market today.   

    • Independent Gravity Section at floor-level
    • Vertical Pressure Section
    • No platforms or catwalks required
    • Three belt design

    Recent improvements to this modern belt press have led to increased odor control and solids containment. The improvements listed below have addressed common containment issues and complaints that previously surrounded belt presses. 

    • Odor control hoods 
    • Completely enclosed gravity section
    • Filtrate piping options
    • MNR (Mist & Noise Reducing) Shower Boxes

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/products/3dp-model-belt-pres...

    3DP Belt Press
  • DSP Screw Press

    The DSP Screw Press is a heavy-duty option for those looking for reduced operation and maintenance costs over the lifetime of the equipment. 

    • Pivoting basket design - Increases access for maintenance
    • Filtrate recycle system - Increases solids capture
    • Fully automated systems available
    • Independent pre-thickening with RDT
    • Strong tubular frame
    • Complete stainless steel construction

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/products/dsp-screw-press

    DSP Screw Press
  • Enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener

    The enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener (EGBT) from BDP Industries provides exceptional performance and throughput capacity while offering full containment of process fluids and odor control. The hoods incorporate clear panels allowing operators to view the process. The panels are easily removable without tools for ease of maintenance, cleaning and adjustments. The EGBT is a great combination of thickening performance with containment that does not sacrifice accessibility. Gravity Belt thickeners are also available in open designs.

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/products/gravity-belt-thicke...

    Enclosed Gravity Belt Thickener
  • Rotary Drum Thickener

    The Rotary Drum Thickener (RDT) is gaining favor as a way to thicken all kinds of sludge types from water and wastewater treatment facilities. From the first drum in 1978, BDP Industries has been improving and refining the construction and performance of the RDT product line. Internally baffled thickening zones, fully stainless-steel construction, and bearings outside of the enclosure. 

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/products/rotary-drum-concent...

    Rotary Drum Thickener
  • ICS Compost System

    Two of the best ways to enhance composting are through agitation and forced aeration of the pile. BDP’s composting technology, the ICS System, is one of the few systems that combines both of these processes, allowing the BDP system to take on the toughest compost applications. The BDP system is also totally enclosed to contain odor.

    More Information » www.bdpindustries.com/our-products/composting

    ICS Compost System