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Advancing Nanobubble Technology


About Moleaer

Moleaer™ develops industrial-scale nanobubble technology that delivers extraordinary improvements in chemical-free water treatment, sustainable food production, and the recovery of natural resources. Moleaer produces cost-effective and proven solutions that increase productivity, reduce reliance on chemicals, and help restore balance to the environment through nanobubble technology. We partner with experienced engineering and innovation teams at world-renowned universities, including UCLA, Arizona State University, Wageningen University, and Virginia Tech University, to validate new applications of our nanobubble technology. Through these partnerships as well as over 2500 installations across 55 countries, we have proven that nanobubbles can solve a wide array of challenges in the wastewater industry. 

How do nanobubbles enhance wastewater treatment?

Fats, oils and grease (FOG) and amphiphilic compounds, such as quaternary ammonium compounds (QACs), surfactants and soaps, are commonly found in wastewater and can interfere with solids separation, biological processes and oxygen transfer. This significantly reduces the efficiency of wastewater treatment and increases the likelihood of common problems.

Nanobubbles (NBs) can selectively remove harmful contaminants from wastewater using a clean, in-situ chemical process. This helps wastewater treatment plants achieve the highest wastewater treatment efficiency. Benefits include:

  • Increase treatment capacity
  • Reduce energy and chemical usage
  • Improve BOD / COD / nutrients removal
  • Reduce or eliminate odors
  • Reduce or elimate digestor foaming
  • Increase biogas quality

How do nanobubbles work?

Did You Know only 15 mg/L of Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, a Common Soap Ingredient Reduces Aeration Efficiency by 50%?

Nanobubbles have unique properties that make them effective at enhancing physical, chemical, and biological reactions. Their charged hydrophobic surface, neutral buoyancy and high internal pressure allow them the time to attract, break apart, and change the characteristics of inhibitory compounds such as surfactants and FOG. This enhances all the downstream biological processes and makes wastewater easier to treat. 

View our case studies or watch our webinar to learn more. 


  • Titan Product Series: Flexible High-Flow Nanobubble Generation Systems

    With Moleaer's Titan product series, we offers fully customizable nanobubble generation solutions for large-scale industrial and municipal applications to deliver the power of nanobubbles no matter your current system configuration. Our modular nanobubble generators, pumps and gas sources give you the flexibility to choose what works best in your facility.

    More Information » www.moleaer.com/products/titan

    Titan Product Series: Flexible High-Flow...
  • XTB Nanobubble Generator

    Moleaer’s XTB nanobubble generators produce flexible, efficient nanobubble injection solutions to enhance water treatment in a variety of installations. Available in 25, 50, 100 and 200 flow rates, the XTB has simple controls, durable operation and easy integration.

    More Information » www.moleaer.com/products/xtb

    XTB Nanobubble Generator

Web Site: www.moleaer.com