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  • Weir-Wolf Clarifier Brush Cleaning System

    The Weir-Wolf™ is spring loaded with over 50 points of flexibility. It consists of industry specific brushes of various sizes which attach to the skimmer arm. All components are stainless steel. Using the pre-existing motion it removes algae and debris from the weirs, baffles, effluent spillways and launders of wastewater clarifiers and thickeners.

    Ford Hall custom designs each Weir-Wolf™ allowing for installation on circular, multi-sided, domed, covered or open clarifiers and thickeners. The Weir-Wolf™ weighs less than 150lbs and works off of the existing drive, avoiding any noticeable torque increase. 

    Applications include primary clarifiers, intermediate clarifiers, secondary or final clarifiers, holding tanks, chlorine contact chambers and thickeners. 

    Weir-Wolf Clarifier Brush Cleaning Syste...
  • Why Us?

    Saves man-hours, addresses safety concerns, helps maintain constant suspended solids reports, increases efficiency, assists with BNR issues, assists UV and chlorination disinfection systems, reduces UV cleaning and improves overall performance.

    Includes a 5 year parts warranty (excluding brushes) and our turnkey installation option includes a 1 year labor warranty.
    Offers 24 hour per day, 7 day a week cleaning and can be engaged or disengaged to allow custom cleaning times.

    Works in ALL climates.


    Why Us?
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