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AirSep Corporation

Innovation in Gas Generation


  • Mini Pack Generators

    Our Mini Pack Series Oxygen Generators produce from 20 to 90 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration.

    Designed specifically for applications with fixed flow and pressure characteristics, the reduced size oxygen receiver feature of our Mini Pack Generators offers a quick start-up and a significantly smaller footprint than comparable systems that utilize a standard, separate receiver. Once you provide electricity and a source of compressed air, these dependable machines will provide oxygen for just about any application. AirSep Mini Pack generators are designed to produce between 45 psig and 55 psig (310-379 kPa or 3-3.4 barg) output pressure (only 50 psig (310-345 kPa or 3-3.4 barg) for the AS-A Mini Pack), a -100°F (-73°C) dew point, and are available in 120 VAC or 220 VAC.

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    Mini Pack Generators
  • Self-Contained Oxygen Generators

    For unique applications, AirSep offers a range of completely self-contained oxygen generators equipped with air compressors.

    With the exception of the Centrox, these generators require no special installation. Simply connect the oxygen outlet to your application or oxygen distribution system and the power cord to a grounded electrical outlet. Turn the unit on and set your oxygen flow rate.

    The Centrox and Reliant are a great fit for use in hospitals, medical clinics, and veterinary medicine. They as well as the Onyx Series, Topaz Series, and SeQual’s Regalia also serve commercial applications in manufacturing and environmental processes.

    From oxygen bars, waste/water treatment, jewelry repair/manufacturing, fish farming, artistic glass work, and supplying feed gas to ozone generators to purify water, AirSep covers it all.

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    Self-Contained Oxygen Generators
  • Standard Generators

    AirSep Alpha Series and SeQual Oxygen Generators produce from 8 to 5,500 cubic feet of oxygen per hour at up to 95% oxygen concentration.

    When electricity and a source of compressed air is supplied, these dependable machines can provide oxygen for practically any application.

    AirSep PSA Control Systems
    Models AS-D+ through AS-P can be equipped with an optional NEMA 4 touchscreen control panel with an integrated oxygen monitor. Standard equipment on models AS-Q to AS-Z, the touchscreen provides a normal start-up system, monitors/controls the operation of the process valves, monitors signals coming from the pressure transducers, and provides an alarm system, as well as a fail-safe shutdown mode. This control panel also features diagnostic capabilities and Ethernet access for remote monitoring of process parameters. The various screens are easy to follow as the user-friendly 

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    Standard Generators
  • VPSA Oxygen Plants

    AirSep Corporation offers custom-engineered Vacuum Pressure Swing Adsorption (VPSA) Oxygen Systems.

    They are designed to the specific requirements of installation, with capacities ranging from 2,000 SCFH (52 Nm³/hr) to 120,000 SCFH (3,155 Nm³/hr). AirSep’s high-efficiency, rugged 2-bed VPSA oxygen process design offers extremely low energy consumption, on stream efficiency of 99%, easy operation, and long-term equipment life of 20 years or more.
    AirSep VPSA Oxygen Systems are currently in use all over the world in remote, harsh, and/or demanding environments.

    AirSep VPSA Oxygen Applications & Industries Served

    • Ozone Generation
    • Water/Waste-Water Treatment
    • Furnace Enrichment
    • Steel Mills
    • Gold Leaching
    • Uranium Recovery
    • Oxygen Bleaching and Delignification for Pulp and Paper Mills
    • Oxygen Fuel Burners
    • Glass Industry

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    VPSA Oxygen Plants
Web Site: www.airsep.com