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  • Flygt Concertor®

    Xylem introduces Concertor, a fully integrated system that offers a unique synergy between software functions and state-of-the-art hardware. Concertor’s system design works in harmony to reduce your total cost of ownership while delivering the highest quality and reliability. This new wastewater pumping system senses the operating conditions of its environment and adapts its performance in real time to provide feedback to station operators. With high operational flexibility, Concertor takes wastewater pumping to a whole new level.

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    Flygt Concertor®
  • Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime® Pump

    Working with customer feedback and usage data rom hundreds of field tests, we’ve re-imagined, re-designed and re-engineered the Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime pump to make it smarter and deliver exactly what your toughest dewatering jobs require.

    Key features include:

    • Advanced, non-clog pump
    • Smart monitoring for anytime, anywhere control
    • Efficient, environmentally friendly engines
    • Streamlined, simplified serviceability

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    Godwin NC150S Dri-Prime® Pump
  • Flygt ENM-10

    The Flygt ENM-10 level regulators are the ideal choice for most level control applications, such as wastewater pumping stations and ground water or drainage pumping. When the liquid level reaches the regulator, the bulb tilts, activating the internal micro switch, which starts or stops a pump or triggers an alarm device.


    • Simple method for most level control applications and still very reliable and with an impressive track record
    • Available in many different versions, depending on the medium in which it will be used, cable length needed and required approvals
    • For EX applications, a black ENM-10 EX is available with ATEX and IECEx approvals

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    Flygt ENM-10
  • Flygt Level Probes

    The Flygt Level Probes combines easy to install, easy to use and robustness features to offer a unique level offering suitable to almost any level measurement installation within water and wastewater. It is well proven around the world and is often a component that is installed and then left to function year after year. 

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    Flygt Level Probes
  • Flygt LSU 100

    The Flygt LSU 100 ultrasonic level transmitter is designed to be mounted above a liquid and will measure the distance to the liquid surface. When programmed with details of the vessel, sump or open channel, the LSU 100 will compute level, contents or flow and give a 4-20mA signal proportional to the chosen variable. LSU 100 is a two-wire transmitter that connects to any suitable DC power source using the factory-fitted cable. The Flygt ranges of control units are designed for use with the LSU 100 transmitter in this way. You can mount the LSU 100 transmitter in a hazardous area provided that it is supplied from a protected power supply.

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    Flygt LSU 100
  • LTU 403

    The LTU 403 is setting new standards of what’s possible for waste water installations and combines performance, smart solutions, ModBus with price to out match many of the competition out there.

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    LTU 403
  • LTU 601

    The Flygt LTU 601 is a robust submersible hydrostatic level transmitter providing flexible and reliable level measurements. It is the ideal sensor for use in a wide range of applications from wastewater pumping stations, to tanks and containers at sewage plants as well as at waterworks and industrial plants.


    • High accuracy ensures reliable level input for pump control
    • Heavy weight makes installations simpler and safer, allows the sensor to enter the media and sink easier and makes the level transmitter less prone to turbulence
    • Large diaphragm protection cap through holes minimizes clogging and reduces the number of service visits required
    • Copper ring as accessory for salt water installations minimizes build-up
    • Printed part information on the body ensures long-term readability

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    LTU 601
  • Flygt LTU 801

    The Flygt LTU 801 is a modern and technically advanced Level Transmitting Unit going all-in on every part. Designed not only to handle pre-configured high-performance level measurement, it breaks new ground offering configurability, scalability and maintenance possibilities. Being extremely robust and available in many versions including ones having built-in lightning protection, the LTU 801 is the flagship in the Flygt level sensor fleet, going hand in hand design wise with the LTU 601.

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    Flygt LTU 801
  • MTR Family - Level Control Relays

    MTR Family of Level Control Relays ensure ultra-reliable, maintainence-free level control.

    Liquid level control relay simple, reliable and effective - use the MTR with FailSafe Ultra-Reliable liquid level sensing probes and in the worst kind of liquids:

    • Wastewater
    • Stormwater
    • Industrial Effluent
    • Sullage Pits

    Adjustable conductivity settings and delays ensure flexibility that other systems lack.

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    MTR Family - Level Control Relays
  • Flygt SafeSmart Backup Controllers

    SafeSmart Backup Controllers provide a complete backup solution including pump control, level alarm, and pump thermal/seal protection for Pump Stations.

    The SafeSmart Family consists of three products:

    • Safe-TL - A backup pump controller used with the FailSafe Probe. It includes a display/keypad, monitors seal and thermal sensors from a pump with outputs for pump, level alarm, and thermal/seal.
    • Safe-FSP - Similar to the Safe-TL, but with no seal fault detection or relay output for loss of Probe.
    • Safe-FS - A level alarm relay with an output for high level and loss of Probe. 

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    Flygt SafeSmart Backup Controllers
  • MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters

    Magflux Electromagnetic Flowmeters are developed for measurements in all types of conductive liquids, including measurement of flow in drinking water, waste water, sludge and process water. The product delivers extremely stable and accurate flow measurements in pressurized closed pipe systems, thereby decreasing water waste and eliminating non-revenue water loss.

    To decide which MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meter is the correct one for your specific purposes, please use the MagFlux Configurator.

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    MagFlux Electromagnetic Flow Meters
  • Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring System

    MAS 801 is designed to further enhance the outstanding reliability of a Flygt pump with 24/7 on-site overview of pump data and continuous station health check, to detect failures before they can do damage. As part of a complete Flygt pumping system, MAS helps reduce costs over a pump’s lifetime. With three-axis vibration, current, temperature and leakage measurements to alarm of deviating values, the operator is able to take early and preventive measures. The “black-box” sensor data linking the alarm items with logged data, provides a unique fault tracing feature. Power and communication signals combined through a single cable and the pre-configured pump memory with individual alarm set-points and asset data, facilitates startup and maintenance. 

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    Flygt MAS 801 Pump Monitoring System
  • Flygt MiniCAS Pump Sensor Monitor

    MiniCAS II is a monitoring relay used primarily with small and medium pumps and mixers. It provides protection for the most common threats against a submersible pump: high temperature and leakage. In case of alarm, the pump is stopped or an alert is given by means of lamps and relays. The functionality of MiniCAS II is also incorporated in MultiSmart and SmartRun.

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    Flygt MiniCAS Pump Sensor Monitor