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We Make Water™.... Clean, Manage, Store, Recycle


At ParkUSA - We Make Water™…. Clean, Manage, Store and Recycle. As demands and regulations on water, stormwater and wastewater infrastructure have evolved, so have we. Our innovative design and manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide sustainable solutions for today’s water issues. 


  • StormTrooper®

    The StormTrooper® is the most advanced stormwater hydrodynamic separator (HDS) on the market, utilizes patented technology to remove sediments, trash, and oil from storm-water runoff. The function of the system is to intercept free oil and sediment from stormwater runoff and retain them for periodic removal.StormTrooper® is protected by US Patents #7,470,361, 7,780,855 & Trademark Reg #2628121.

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  • StormTrooper® HMI

    The StormTrooper® HMI is part of the StormTrooper® product family of patented technology that is designed to intercept free oil, grease, TSS, debris and other pollutants found in stormwater. In addition, the HMI system accommodate fuel spills up to 3,800 gallons. StormTrooper® HMI is protected by US Patents #7,470,361, 7,780,855, #9,963,358 & Trademark Reg #2628121. 

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    StormTrooper® HMI
  • RainBasin

    The ParkUSA RainBasin™ is a stormwater detention system designed to mitigate the effects of New Development and Redevelopment on an existing drainage system. In addition, the system can be used for the management of storable and reusable storm-water runoff through ground water recharge or rain harvesting

    More Information » rainbasin.parkusa.com

  • TrashTrooper®

    The TrashTrooper® is a product of inline screening systems designed to collect and contain a wide variety of floatable pollution particles. TrashTrooper® can serve as an effective post-construction best management practice (BMP), which limits the quantity of harmful pollutants being discharged by a completed development during and following rain events. 

    More Information » trashtrooper.parkusa.com

  • Pond Inlet Filter

    The Pond Inlet Filter screens the stormwater for various sizes of debris before entering the storm sewer.

    More Information » pondfilter.parkusa.com

    Pond Inlet Filter
  • Floatable Collection Screens

    ParkUSA®’s Floatable Collection System captures unwanted floatable pollutants from stormwater systems. The influent encounters a floatable collection bar screen that traps floating debris as small as 1½″ in size, preventing it from invading MS4s, rivers, drainage swales, lakes, bayous, estuaries, and coastal waters. The separated effluent exits and continues through the stormwater sewer system, leaving behind debris in the product.

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    Floatable Collection Screens
  • FilterBasin™

    The FilterBasin™ is a family of stormwater best management practice (BMP) devices designed to fit within common basin structures to provide an economical best management practice solution. In this way, storm-water runoff treatment provides protection from pollutants entering rain gardens, public waterways, streams, rivers, lakes and aquifers. These basins present an opportunity to pre-filter the stormwater prior to discharging into rain gardens and storm sewers.

    More Information » filterbasin.parkusa.com

  • RainTrooper®

    RainTrooper® is a rainwater harvesting system for both commercial and residential applications to conserve as much rain as possible to store for future use, and to reduce consumption of the limited treated municipal water.

    More Information » raintrooper.parkusa.com

  • GreaseTrooper®

    The GreaseTrooper® is a gravity interceptor designed to reduce the amount of FOG (fats, oils, and greases) in wastewater. Grease interceptors are used in establishments to remove excessive amounts of grease that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. SIzes from 500 gallons to 20,000 gals.

    More Information » greasetrooper.parkusa.com

  • OilTrooper®

    The OilTrooper® is a sand-oil interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin and patented enhanced separation technology for sediment and oil separation. Typical applications include vehicle maintenance and washrack facilities, fueling depots, industrial areas, parking lots, and storm water runoff.The shell of the unit can be constructed from Precast Concrete, Fiberglass, or Steel. Model names and configurations vary by material.OilStop Valve is protected by US Patent #9,963,358

    More Information » oiltrooper.parkusa.com

  • GoTrooper™

    The function of the GoTrooper™ Grit-Oil separator is to intercept and retain cosmetic wash water. The unit can be designed to function as a gravity flow or pumped-driven system. The wastewater flows into an inlet chamber, passes through a baffle and oleophilic coalescing plate pack to separate oil and solids. The discharging effluent comprises the clearer water underneath the floating oils. Depending on the application, the Grit-Oil separator may be installed below grade or above ground. The separator is typically constructed of precast concrete, steel, or composite material providing years of continuous service. The separator is divided into several compartments where wash water discharge oil will coagulate and float to the surface, and sand (grit) will sink to the bottom.ParkUSA®’s GoTrooper™ Grit-Oil separator and sample well is specific to this commercial application.

    More Information » gotrooper.parkusa.com

  • EleVader®

    The EleVader® is a product that automatically removes oily water from elevator pits. Building codes require the automatic removal of all liquids from elevator shafts. Elevators are susceptible to failure during an emergency due to the water-filled shafts. Oily water must be pretreated before being discharged to the public sewer. The EleVader® is a complete solution to pump, pretreat, and automatically monitor liquid levels in the elevator shaft and is protected by US Patent #9,963,358

    More Information » elevader.parkusa.com

  • OilStop™ Valve

    ParkUSA® OilStop™ Valve (OSV) is a device designed to prevent environmental catastrophe in the event of an oil or hydrocarbon spill. The OilStop meets EPA Spill Control and Counter Measures (SPCC) requirements. The patented, yet simple passive design of the OSV is automatic and requires little maintenance. The OSV can be used to enhance the operation of oil-water separators, inlets basins, and spill containment vaults and manholes. The OSV is an added assurance of non-oily water discharge.OilStop Valve is protected by US Patent #9,963,358

    More Information » osv.parkusa.com

    OilStop™ Valve
  • HeliCepter®

    HeliCepter® is a fuel-water separator for use on heliports. In the event of a helicopter accident or fuel spillage, the separator will separate and retain flammable fuel from stormwater.

    More Information » helicepter.parkusa.com

  • LabTank®

    The LabTank® Neutralization Tank is an acid neutralization system designed to neutralize wastewater prior to discharging into the public sewer. The waste is chemically neutralized within the unit. For optimal tank performance it is not recommended that acidic waste be further diluted prior to neutralization. Therefore, all acidic effluent should be gathered separately from other non-acidic waste and non-acidic waste should bypass the neutralization tank.

    More Information » labtank.parkusa.com

  • SolidsTrooper®

    The SolidsTrooper® is a solids interceptor that can be used in commercial establishments to collect and hold excessive amounts of solid substances found in wastewater. Typical applications include food processing, zoos, ag barns, healthcare, glass bottlers, dumpster areas and manufacturing facilities. Waste from these facilities contain solid substances like waste grindings, potato peels, rice, aquarium gravel, animal solids, glass, trash, dental waste, jewels, plaster, hair, ceramic waste, fish bones and meat trimmings. The SolidsTrooper® is compliant with both UPC and IPC plumbing codes. The SolidsTrooper® can be equipped with a debris screening technology that prevents string, rags, buttons and other materials from entering the public sanitary sewer system.

    More Information » solidstrooper.parkusa.com

  • LintTrooper®

    The LintTrooper® is used in commercial and institutional laundries to remove excessive amounts of lint and silt that may interfere with the proper drainage and treatment of wastewater. Local plumbing codes require the installation of a lint interceptor to pretreat the wastewater.

    More Information » linttrooper.parkusa.com

  • MudTrooper™

    The MudTrooper™ is a sand-mud interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin for sediment separation. Typical applications include vehicle/ equipment wash down, maintenance garages, and manufacturing facilities. The waste discharge from these facilities usually contains high inorganic loads, including sand-mud/silt and detergents.

    More Information » mudtrooper.parkusa.com

  • ZooTrooper®

    The ZooTrooper® is a solids interceptor specifically designed for animal habitats and animal shelters, which produce an enormous amount of water and waste that typically gets flushed down the drain. The ZooTrooper® is a debris and sediment interceptor that consists of a multi-compartment basin and unique separation technology. ZooTroopers® are in use in various applications, from small animal clinics up to elephant and rhinoceros zoo habitats. Other applications include; agriculture barns, show arenas, aquariums, and animal shelters.

    More Information » zootrooper.parkusa.com

  • PumpTrooper®

    The PumpTrooper®, a family of lift stations, is a reliable and cost-effective solution to prevent flooding by receiving and moving stormwater and/or sanitary wastewater to designated locations.  At ParkUSA, we offer lift stations using effluent pumps, grinder pumps, non-clog pumps, axial pumps or vertical turbine pumps.

    More Information » pumptrooper.parkusa.com

  • LabTank®

    The LabTank® Neutralization Tank is designed so that acidic waste is collected and passed through the tank prior to discharging into the sanitary sewer system. The waste is chemically neutralized within the unit. It is important to note that the tank is an acid neutralizer. For optimal tank performance it is not recommended that acidic waste be further diluted prior to neutralization. 

    More Information » labtank.parkusa.com

  • DeConTank®

    The DeConTank® is a holding tank system solution for the safe containment of contaminated wastewater. Toxic wastewater is generated as a result of decontamination activities performed at medical facilities that may contain hazardous chemical, biological, or radioactive (CBR) substances. CBR substances are prohibited from entering the public sewer systems. The DeConTank® system is engineered to protect sewer systems and building occupants by intercepting and storing hazardous waste-water discharged from decontamination rinse showers and rinsing activities.

    More Information » decontank.parkusa.com

  • FoamTrooper™

    The FoamTrooper™ is an AF3 Wastewater Treatment system designed to hold and ease the application of Aqueous film-forming foam (AFFF) solution which gives a measure for protecting the environment and reducing risk.  AFFF solution is used extensively in fire suppression systems for aviation facilities and fire training facilities and consists of fluorosurfactant (PFAS), hydrocarbon surfactants, solvents, inorganic salts, corrosion inhibitors, and water.

    More Information » af3tank.parkusa.com

  • BarScreen™

    The BarScreen™ is a stationary screen device used for wastewater or stormwater applications. Bar screen assemblies are used in flow applications to separate & detain course debris and contraband. These unusual solids have a potential for “clogging” the public sewer line, causing expensive cleaning and downtime of the sewer system. As opposed to expensive automatic rake screens, bar screens are more economical.

    More Information » barscreen.parkusa.com

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