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Oldcastle Infrastructure

Innovation in Stormwater Management

Oldcastle Infrastructure

Oldcastle Infrastructure has a team of experienced stormwater management specialists developing new products and proprietary solutions to meet the ever-changing regulations that protect our environment. We offer a complete line of stormwater Best Management Practice (BMP) solutions including stormwater detention, retention, and treatment systems to mitigate runoff and reduce pollutant loading as well as other drainage and custom precast concrete products, all manufactured in our 60-plus locations across the U.S.


  • StormCapture®

    StormCapture is a structural precast concrete underground storage system for stormwater detention, retention, infiltration, and water quality. Its modular nature provides countless configurations for site-specific layouts while simplifying the design process and accelerating construction. Made of durable precast concrete, StormCapture is designed for highway traffic live loads with as little as 6” of cover and has a large interior storage capacity, allowing for a smaller system footprint.

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  • CUDO® Water Storage System

    CUDO is a modular plastic cube that is used to create compact underground stormwater storage systems. The unique open design adds structural integrity, increased water storage, and enhanced access for inspection and maintenance. Made in the USA of high-strength injection molded polypropylene plastic, CUDO is designed to support HS-20 traffic loads. CUDO cubes are lightweight and easy to install.

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    CUDO® Water Storage System
  • PermeCapture®

    PermeCapture combines the advantages and versatility of StormCapture structural precast concrete underground storage modules with the aesthetics and performance of Belgard® permeable interlocking concrete pavers to provide a stand-alone, maintainable, Low Impact Development (LID) solution for total stormwater management.

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  • StormCapture® Harvesting

    Water harvesting is the collection, storage, cleaning and recycling of stormwater and greywater to reduce or replace the consumption of municipal water. Oldcastle has partnered with Wahaso to provide a turn-key system including all pumps and controls, as well as the sanitation system and cistern, ready for installation. It’s pre-tested, engineered and sized for your site requirements and can be paired with any of our stormwater storage products including StormCapture and CUDO.

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    StormCapture® Harvesting
  • BioPod® Biofilter

    BioPod Biofilter is a tree box filter provided with high flow rate media to reduce the treatment footprint. The system removes sediment, metals, nutrients, and petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as the gross solids and trash normally found in stormwater runoff.

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    BioPod® Biofilter
  • BioMod® Modular Bioretention System

    BioMod Modular Bioretention System is a modular precast concrete bioretention cell system that uses soil-based filtration to remove sediment, metals, nutrients, petroleum hydrocarbons, gross solids, and trash from stormwater runoff. BioMod systems can incorporate non-proprietary, low flow rate media as specified by a local agency.

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    BioMod® Modular Bioretention System
  • PerkFilter® Media Filtration

    PerkFilter is a media filtration device that captures sediment, metals, nutrients, and petroleum hydrocarbons, as well as gross solids and trash, to significantly reduce the total pollutant discharge load in stormwater runoff. It is available in multiple configurations including catch basins, vaults, and manholes, allowing the specifier maximum design flexibility.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/media-filtra...

    PerkFilter® Media Filtration
  • Dual-Vortex Separator (DVS)

    The Dual-Vortex Separator (DVS) offers an innovative and economic alternative for BMP implementation in new and retrofit applications where space is limited and effective stormwater treatment is required. The DVS unit can be used to help meet TMDL requirements for removal of sediment, gross solids, petroleum hydrocarbons, and trash. The unit can also be a critical component of a comprehensive LID strategy, providing pretreatment to help increase the service life of detention, retention, and infiltration systems as well as other stormwater treatment BMPs.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/hydrodynamic...

    Dual-Vortex Separator (DVS)
  • SwaleGard® Pre-Filter

    SwaleGard Pre-Filter improves treatment performance and service life of all vegetated treatment systems. The device provides pretreatment to prevent sediment, trash, and petroleum hydrocarbons from entering a BMP, like a swale or pond.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/low-impact-d...

    SwaleGard® Pre-Filter
  • SwaleGard® Overflow Filter

    SwaleGard Overflow Filter is a simple, effective, and economical screening device for swale and bioretention system overflow drains that allows excess flow to bypass the system while retaining gross pollutants as well as mulch and soil media that may scour as a result of peak flows.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/low-impact-d...

    SwaleGard® Overflow Filter
  • FloGard +Plus® Catch Basin Insert Filter

    FloGard +Plus is a catch basin insert filter designed to remove sediment, gross solids, trash, and petroleum hydrocarbons from stormwater runoff. FloGard +Plus is ideally suited for removal of primary pollutants from paved surfaces in commercial and residential areas. Rated filter flow capacities are designed to exceed the required “first flush” treatment flow rate, and the unique dual-bypass design typically exceeds catch basin inlet capacity.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/drain-inlet-...

    FloGard +Plus® Catch Basin Insert Filte...
  • FloGard® Downspout Filter

    The FloGard Downspout Filter collects non-soluble pollutants from rooftop stormwater runoff and is adaptable to various architectural applications. It’s an ideal solution for ultra-urban sites with little to no property area outside of the building perimeter, such as downtown buildings and parking decks.

    More Information » www.oldcastlestormwater.com/index.php/drain-inlet-...

    FloGard® Downspout Filter



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