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Fibertech Inc.

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Fibertech Inc.

Fibertech Inc. is a rotational molder, manufacturing high quality, custom engineered plastic products. RHINO MANHOLES by Fibertech provide the highest level of reliability for applications varying from sewer, wastewater, landfill leachate, storm water collection systems to below grade utility inspection chambers.


  • Rhino Manholes

    Using 100% virgin polyethylene plastic, our industrial strength plastic manhole unit offers a wide range of chemical resistance to acids and many organic compounds. Because of this resistance, attack from hydrogen sulfide, sulfuric acid and other aggressive chemicals does not occur.

    RHINO MANHOLES have been field tested under a variety of conditions to meet exacting design and quality standards for long life and corrosion resistance installation. They have been proven to outlast concrete, steel, and fiberglass manholes.

    More Information » fibertechinc.net/rhino-manholes

    Rhino Manholes
  • Offset Cone

    An Ecentric Cone is ideal for sewer and stormwater applications. With the cone
    being offset this allows ease of climbing in and out. The molded-in steps are
    staggered from top to bottom for easier access.The different neck diameters
    and heights allows for versatility in installation options and can be cut on site.

    More Information » fibertechinc.net/rhino-manholes/manholes-ultimate-...

    Offset Cone
  • Sanitary Bottom Base

    Two different styles of hydraulically efficient bases eliminate
    turbulence and prevent debris build-up common to flat bottom
    concrete manholes. The Rhino Manhole by Fibertech storm
    sewer base has a contoured bottom which efficiently channels
    the flow from inlet to outlet. Five inlets, each with a 2% slope,
    are channeled to the outlet in the “Sanitary Sewer” manhole.

    More Information » fibertechinc.net/rhino-manholes/manholes-ultimate-...

    Sanitary Bottom Base
  • Plastic Lid

    Featuring the latest in durability and design with a nominal 0.5” wall thickness, while
    maintaining an ease of installation. A concrete
    pad frame is used with road way applications
    and a gasket and frame grate or cover can be
    used for non-road way applications.

    More Information » fibertechinc.net/rhino-manholes/manholes-ultimate-...

    Plastic Lid