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For over 40 years, Ecolo® Odor Control Technologies Inc. has been an industry leader in developing and manufacturing quality odor control products. Through years of R&D and multiple acquisitions, Ecolo® proudly offers the industry’s most comprehensive line of proprietary formulations and odor control systems. Applicable for solid waste, wastewater, and commercial trash rooms and industrial facilities.


  • BioStreme

    BioStreme #201 provides a cost-effective means to manage odors and reduce BOD and COD levels, suspended solids, sludge in leachate lagoons, and holding tanks. This concentrated micronutrient formulation manages the basic biological processes in these applications supporting effective populations of naturally-occurring, facultative bacteria that aid in the rapid decomposition of biological waste without production of odorous by-products.

    More Information » ecolo.com/odor/biostreme

  • AirSolution

    AirSolution for Wastewater Plants neutralizes offensive odors related to wastewater treatment processes, such as hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and other organic sulfur-based compounds. Applicable for large environmental sites such as wastewater treatment systems.

    More Information » ecolo.com/odor/airsolution

  • XStreme

    XStreme #8012 is a proprietary waterless blend developed specifically to target hydrogen sulfide, mercaptans, and other organic sulfur-based compounds. It has been proven effective for eliminating odors at environmental sites such as wastewater treatment systems, oil processing, and fermentation lagoons.

    More Information » ecolo.com/odor/xstreme

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