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Clean Water Technology, Inc.

Industrial Wastewater Leaders

Clean Water Technology, Inc.

Clean Water Technology, Inc (CWT) is a global manufacturer and provider of advanced water and wastewater solutions for Industrial users. Provides sustainable turn-key wastewater treatment solutions to producers in multiple industries.
CWT GEM® System (Gas Energy mixing System) minimizes footprint, sludge, chemical usage, energy, and water use – and easily adapts to changing streams and future expansions.
The GEM® System can replace or upgrade any DAF with advanced GEM® Technology. Clients can treat their current wastewater with minimal cost and without expanding the footprint of the existing DAF System by applying a simple GEM System retrofit.

In addition to the innovative GEM® System, CWT designs and manufactures:

Aerobic Reactors

  • MBBR: Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor
  • MBR:Membrane Bio-Recactor

Anaerobic Digestors

  • UASB: Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Bed
  • EGSB: Expanded Granular Sludge Bed

Dewatering solutions:

  • Swingmill Dewatering Screw Press (DSM)

CWT capabilities from design and build a complete wastewater treatment plant to simple replacing or selling the necessary equipment.

From primary treatment of wastewater to designing, building, and operating complete wastewater treatment plants, Clean Water Technology is the trailblazer in Industrial wastewater treatment.



  • Linda Englander Mills

    VP Sales / Marketing
    Clean water technology
    Gardena, Los Angeles, California

  • Sofia GomezAlba

    Marketing Director
    Clean water technology
    Gardena, Los Angeles, California