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Biowater Technology designs and engineers environmentally friendly biological solutions for the treatment of water and wastewater. We are a leader in our industry and have over 40 years of experience in biological process engineering with over 300 projects and installation of biofilm technologies including MBBR worldwide. We are committed to finding new ways reducing your carbon footprint and saving you money. Our focus is on saving energy and resource recovery, knowing water is our most important resource. Biowater has offices in the United States and Norway with partners and representatives around the world
Our processes include but are not limited to: CMFF®, CFAS®, and CFIC®. We offer our biofilm technologies in prefabricated treatment plants (Package Plants), as retrofits to your existing system, or as design-build solutions. All of our systems are available with state of the art remote monitoring equipment.



  • Josh Hanlon

    Biowater Technology
    Cumberland, Rhode Island