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ChemScan® Process Analyzers by ASA Analytics. Our growing family of On-line analyzers include complete systems for: Influent conditions and constituents analysis, such as general toxicity and heavy metals. Nutrient monitoring for BNR control including nitrite, nitrate, ammonia and phosphorous in central analyzer systems and special analyzers for many other parameters. Process monitoring for special purposes and nutrients analyzers for chemical feed and aeration control. Disinfection monitoring including special analyzers for de-chlorination control, wastewater chloramination and UV transmittance. Compliance monitoring for municipal and industrial effluents, including analyzers for total nitrogen, total phosphorous, individual nutrients, COD, and heavy metals. Technologies include multiparameter UV-VIS absorbance spectrometry (ChemScan) and tritrations (NextChem) for analysis of individual nutrients, total nutrients and alkalinity. Anodic Stripping Voltametry (Modern Water) for analysis of heavy metals. Complete systems include accessories for sample extraction from single or multiple locations, sample conditioning, sample analysis and data communication. ChemScan systems for high solids locations include AT-Tank analysis systems for rapid analysis of nutrients at one to four sample locations. Central analysis systems can monitor up to eight process locations.