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Amiad Water Systems & PEP Filters www.pepfilters.com implement clean-water technologies to provide cost-effective filtration solutions for industrial, municipal, commercial and agricultural applications.

Our core technologies include screen filters, polymeric disc filters, microfiber thread, multimedia and cyclonic separators that provide filtration solutions from 2-3,500 micron.

Amiad Water Systems has been providing filtration solutions for over 50 years. Our vast experience comprises innovative product development and design. We utilize our international marketing and distribution network to provide service and support to our customers worldwide. As a result, process efficiency is optimized, product quality is ensured; waste reduction occurs and crop yields are enhanced.

Our broad experience, service orientation and wide product range enable us to tailor solutions according to customer requirements.

We encourage you to contact us with your next filtration requirement to see how easy it is to get the right filtration solution the first time. 

Web Site: www.amiadusa.com