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Allied-Locke Industries Environmental Products Division U.S. manufacturer supplying complete Rectangular Clarifier Systems for the Potable and Wastewater Industry. Rehab or New construction supplying: Chain, Sprockets, Drive Units, Bearings, Shafting, Flights, Wear Shoes, Wear Strips, and other ancillary components required to operate a Rectangular System.

All of our products are per Industry Standards. As the Maufacturer, flexibility allows custom designs for proper fit and operation in your Treatment Facility.

Contact us for specifications on items not shown.

Our products and materials are American made.

Since 1965, customers rely on us to design and build solutions for their material handling needs.

Allied Locke now includes five divisions: the Agricultural Chain Decision, the Precision Roller Chain Division, the Industrial Chain Division, the Sprocket Division, and the Water Environmental Division. The building in Dixon covers 450,000 square feet, the building in Brewton covers 75,000 square feet, and the building in Meridian covers 25,000 square feet. The three locations employ approximately 400 people. The company is non-union and ISO 9001 certified.  



  • David Johns

    EPD - Mgr
    Allied-Locke Industries, Inc. Environmental Products Division
    Dixon, Illinois