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Moving Water Forward


At Kasco, we help people realize the full potential of water in their world. Our innovative water quality products are the most efficient and effective solutions for keeping water in motion. Backed by nearly 60 years of water mixing experience, we have the water treatment solution you need.


  • HydraForce

    Kasco's HydraForce Agitator reduces clogs and buildup due to F.O.G. (fat, oil, and grease) to keep your lift station free of blockages and an efficient part of the sewage collection process.

    More Information » kascomarine.com/hydraforce-lift-station-agitators

  • CertiSafe Tank Mixers™

    Our CertiSafe™ Tank Mixers are the fastest and most effective active mixers on the market. These powerful units maintain and improve water quality within tanks and reservoirs to ensure your community always has access to safe, clean drinking water.

    More Information » kascomarine.com/certisafe-active-mixer

    CertiSafe Tank Mixers™


HydraForce Brochure
November 30, 2023 9:30am


CertiSafe Brochure
November 30, 2023 9:31am