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  • FLEXFLO® M3 Advanced Performance Peristaltic Dosing Pumps

    The advanced performance features of the New M3 Peristaltic Chemical Dosing Pump include a bright, easy to access and highly responsive 5” display screen. The screen is as simple to operate as a cell phone, even with gloves on, and the text is easy to read. Icons are quickly recognizable.
    In addition to legacy communications such as 4-20mA, M3 offers advanced communication protocols, including Profibus, Modbus TCP and Ethernet IP. The superior design of the M3 includes firmware that can be field updated.
    The FLEXFLO M3 gently and precisely doses even the toughest chemicals, like PAA and Sodium Hypochlorite with no vapor lock and no lost prime. Very little maintenance is necessary.
    M3 may be ordered with an optional dual-channel pump tube for increased flow and pressure capabilities, and the pump has built-in tube failure detection for added safety
    FLEXFLO M3 has 10,000:1 turndown ratio, NEMA 4X (IP66) wash-down, and a 5-year warranty.

    More Information » www.blue-white.com/product/m3-peristaltic-metering...

    FLEXFLO® M3 Advanced Performance Perist...
  • Dose PAA & Sodium Hypochlorite with No Vapor Lock and No Loss Of Prime

    Standardize on one chemical feed solution with the new FLEXFLO® M1 Peristaltic Dosing Pump. The self-priming MI delivers smooth, consistent and precise chemical dosing with no danger of vapor lock or loss of prime.

    SCADA Inputs include: 4-20mA. Feed output range: .0001 – 5.6 GPH (.0004 – 21.2 LPH), pressures to 100 PSI (6.89 Bar). And FLEXFLO® M1 has a high energy efficiency rating. The pump achieves a 10,000:1 turndown ratio, and is powered by efficient BLDC motor technology.

    A sealed enclosure and a display shield protect the pump’s easy to operate controls from chemical spills and splashes.

    NSF STD61, ETL, and CE listed. NEMA 4X / IP66. Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 Certified.

    More Information » www.blue-white.com/product/m1-peristaltic-metering...

    Dose PAA & Sodium Hypochlorite with No V...
  • The Multi Diaphragm Pump Solution to Dosing Tough Chemical

    The New Multi-Diaphragm MD1 Chemical Metering Pump is engineered to deliver smooth, quiet and consistent chemical feed in Municipal Water and Wastewater Treatment Applications.
    The Dual Diaphragm MDI with full stroke technology will not lose prime making it ideal for pumping chemicals that off-gas (Peracetic Acid, Sodium Hypochlorite). And MD1 is engineered for zero maintenance. Even the patented DiaFlex® diaphragm is built to last the life of the pump.
    Output: Motor On / Off single solid state 4-20mA SCADA input.
    Standardize on the MD1 pump with a turndown ratio of 10,000:1 and a broad output range: .00077 – 7.70 GPH (.0026 – 29 LPH) and pressures to 150 PSI (10.3 bar).
    Blue-White is ISO 9001:2015 Certified

    More Information » www.blue-white.com/product/md1-multi-diaphragm-met...

    The Multi Diaphragm Pump Solution to Dos...
  • CHEM-FEED® Dual Diaphragm Chemical Dosing Pump

    The CHEM-FEED MD3 Dual Diaphragm Chemical Feed Pump Delivers Precise Chemical Dosing to Water and Waste Water Treatment Systems.
    The MD3 Dual Pump Head design provides smooth near continuous flow, mimicking the best performance traits of peristaltic pumps. This is particularly true at low feeds. In addition, the MD3’s near continuous flow results in no gas build-up and no loss of prime.
    When the MD3’s first diaphragm is in the suction phase, the second diaphragm is in the discharge phase. This causes gaseous fluids to be pumped in a near continuous flow.
    The hybrid MD3 diaphragm metering pump has an excellent turndown ratio of 2000:1, and provides smooth chemical dosing with no pulsation dampener required. With 380 strokes per minute, the CHEM-FEED® MD3 provides a remarkably steady flow.
    MD3 is engineered and built to provide long service life even at high pressures, and no pressure regulator is required, and the design of the MD3 is 50% more energy e...
    More Information » www.proseries-m.com/md-3-hybrid-metering-pumps

    CHEM-FEED® Dual Diaphragm Chemical Dosi...
  • CHEM-FEED® PLASTIC SKID SYSTEMS - Fully Assembled Drop-in Place Design

    Blue-White’s® Lightweight CHEM-FEED® Plastic Skid Systems are fully loaded with all necessary components for hassle-free ordering and a drop-in place design. Included are a 4,000 ml calibration column, pressure gauge, pulsation dampener and inlet Y strainer.
    The innovative and durable All-Plastic Skid Systems feature rugged and chemical resistant Polyethylene construction and single and dual pump configurations are offered.
    These skids can be ordered with the FLEXFLO® peristaltic chemical feed pump, or CHEM-FEED diaphragm style chemical feed pumps. For even greater control of your chemical dosing the CHEM-FEED® Skid Systems can be ordered with the optional, Sonic-Pro MS6 Chemical Feed Sensor.

    CHEM-FEED Skids are available in One Pump, Duplex Pump, and Triplex Pump configurations.

    Blue-White® is ISO 9001:2015.

    More Information » www.proseries-m.com/products/skids

  • Sonic-Pro® Chemical Feed Sensor

    With the Sonic-Pro® MS6 Chemical Feed Sensor in use, you'll know at a glance if your chemical dosing / metering pump is accurately dosing chemical to your system. The MS6 uses advanced ultrasonic technology to for precise, accurate measurement.
    Flow Ranges include: 10 – 5,000 mL/min (0.158 – 79.2 GPH) and 100 – 10,000 mL/min (1.58 – 158.5 GPH).
    The chemical resistant flowmeter has wetted components constructed of PVDF and PEEK; and the included wetted end fittings allow for more than 14 inlet and outlet configurations. Inline pipe fittings simplify installation and true unions provide ease of maintenance.
    The MS6 Flow Meter has user configurable flow rate and total set-point triggers, and a built-in status LED light allows for quick visual inspection. An isolated 4-20 mA output is fully configurable; as is 0-10000Hz Pulse output. Process control is achieved via configurable solid-state relay, which can be configured to close or open trigger at...
    More Information » www.proseries-m.com/ms-6-chemical-feed-flowmeter

    Sonic-Pro® Chemical Feed Sensor
  • BW DIGI-METER® Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meter

    BW DIGI-METER® F-2000 Digital Paddlewheel Flow Meters display flow rate and accumulated total flow, and include an NPN open collector output for communication with data loggers, SCADA systems, and other devices.
    Optional 4-20 mA / 0-10 VDC plug-in circuitry to output circuitry is offered. Optional batch processing plug-in circuitry includes an 8-amp relay board that adds manual or automatic batch processing capability, or high/low flow rate alarm output.
    The electronics can be battery operated or AC powered using a 15-24V DC plug-in transformer. LCD icons indicate current operating mode and warn of low battery. Memory is nonvolatile.
    The F-2000 is field programmable, or can be factory programmed to any required units. The digital display is housed in a corrosion resistant ABS enclosure rated NEMA 4X.
    The clamp on saddle fitting and sensor is quickly installed on IPS (ASTM-D-1785) pipe sizes from 1-1/2" – 12"; metric (DIN 8062) pipe sizes from 50mm–315...
    More Information » blue-white.com/flowmeters/paddlewheel-flowmeters

    BW DIGI-METER® Digital Paddlewheel Flow...
  • CHEM-FEED® MC SINGLE Diaphram Metering Pump

    Blue-White’s CHEM-FEED® MC diaphragm style chemical dosing pumps are designed for use in municipal water and wastewater treatment applications. These dosing pumps are well-suited for use with the often aggressive and/or viscous chemicals used in these installations.
    CHEM-FEED MC pumps are equipped with a variable speed DC motor for smooth, quiet chemical dosing with no hard pulses. A full stroke every time prevents vapor lock.
    CHEM-FEED MC units are fitted with Blue-White’s exclusive DiaFlex® single layer diaphragm. DiaFlex® provides excellent chemical compatibility and exhibits zero breakdown or delamination. The result is a reduction of required field maintenance and downtime.
    The CHEM-FEED® MC display indicates output in several optional measurement units, including ml/min and GPM. Intelligent electronics permit connection to SCADA systems (Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, Modbus, Profibus), and other remote controllers for dosing control. CHEM-FEED&r...
    More Information » www.proseries-m.com/products/diaphragm-pumps/mc-2-...

    CHEM-FEED® MC SINGLE Diaphram Metering...


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