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  • Simul-Wash™

    Simul-Wash™ is a proven sustained, simultaneous air/water filter backwash system that extends the life of filter media, minimizes backwash waste, prevents mudballs from forming and frees nearly all captured filter debris – better than any other backwash method available. Simul-Wash™ works well in a variety of configurations, from horizontal and vertical pressure filters to low profile retrofit applications on gravity filters.

    Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system is the only sustained air and water backwashing process using the “collapse-pulse” technique first documented by Amirtharajah in a landmark AWWA Research Foundation. Simul-Wash™ also meets Ten States Standards and has a low profile baffled trough design providing long and clear spans. Stainless steel is the standard construction for components uniquely suited for “vertically challenged” filters.

    Simul-Wash™ is applicable with manganese green...
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  • Dualator® III

    The Dualator® III is a low-profile system suitable for removal of any combination of iron and/or manganese. It is equipped with a low-profile aerator for oxidation, followed by auxiliary oxidant addition, 30 minute detention with baffled settling compartment, and a four-celled gravity filter. The Dualator® III is our most versatile and compact package filtration system for groundwater treatment. It is easily adaptable to include Simul-Wash™, our unique backwash system proven to reduce washwater waste.

    The oxidation is completed while the water serpentines through the baffled 30-minute detention section.

    The Dualator® III can be used for iron, manganese, arsenic and radium removal and is excellent as a membrane pretreatment option. It is rectangular in configuration with a multi-cell filter, but also includes an integral detention tank compliant with Ten State Standards. This design can be used where the effluent from the filter is collected by gravity...
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    Dualator® III
  • Dualator® VI

    The Tonka Water Dualator® VI is a free-standing package treatment unit that incorporates aeration, detention and filtration in a circular configuration. In moderate to warm climates, it can be placed exterior to the water treatment plant, with functional piping and valves extended to within the building for protection from the elements. When placed interior to the water plant, the aerator and detention sections of the unit typically extend through the roof, to prevent freezing and to allow for access to filtration from within the building. The Dualator® VI is self-backwashing, eliminating the need for a separate backwash pump and supply. It does not provide baffled detention or solids sedimentation, as all water is delivered to the four-cell filtration compartment after aeration.

    The oxidation of iron is completed via an induced or forced draft aerator integral to the unit. After approximately 30 minutes of detention, water is filtered and ready for distribution.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/dualator-vi

    Dualator® VI
  • BLEU™

    The BLEU™ underdrain system is an integrated component to Tonka Water’s broad product offerings for surface and groundwater filtration. This innovative design for a stainless steel underdrain has key differences from other underdrains currently on the market, most notably air scour integrated outside of the underdrain.

    Combined with Tonka Water’s tried and true fine slotted stainless steel airwash laterals, BLEU™ eliminates dead zones between laterals, achieving complete media scour and turnover during backwash. Additionally, uniform flow distribution is achieved when integrated with Tonka Water’s Simul-Wash™ backwash system. BLEU™ is the lowest profile system available, and has rugged stainless steel, easy to install construction – all at a cost-efficient price.

    BLEU™ has a dual chambered design, with air located external to the underdrain eliminating dead zones in filter media. It integrates well with other Tonka...
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  • RidION™

    Tonka Water’s RidION™ ion exchange systems solve a broad range of water treatment issues from uranium removal, to hardness, barium, strontium and radium reduction to name a few. The RidION™ ion exchange systems incorporate the newest technologies in resin application and regeneration — guaranteeing an efficient and effective process along with operator-friendly custom controls.

    The advantages to Tonka Water’s RidION™ systems are the PLC-based regeneration controls, and additionally, a unique non-plugging, non-corroding regenerant distribution system. All of our vessels are ASME stamped and certified, and meet ten states standards and other governing authorities. 

    RidION™ systems are used to treat singly or combined anion and cation contaminants such as arsenic, organics, barium, radium, hardness, nitrate, sulfate and more. Tonka Water has hundreds of RidION™ systems installed throughout North America.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/conventional-ion-exchan...

  • Organix™

    Tonka Water has a cost-effective, customized and user-friendly solution to the complex challenge of organics removal. Our Organix™ system is a proven and superior TOC, DOC and color removal system using organic selective ion exchange in a pressurized, enclosed process. There is no intermediate pumping required and the system is not dependent on flocculators, chemical feed, pH adjustment, gear reducers, mixers or other mechanical devices.

    Tonka Water’s Organix™ is a conventional and proven process with an efficient footprint that is easy to install and maintain. System redundancy is inherent with Organix™ and controls are simple and easy to use. It’s a robust system that tolerates influent hydraulic and TOC fluctuations which often come within a well field. The system can be operated intermittently or continuously, providing up to 90% removal of TOC. As a systems responsibility manufacturer, we can guarantee effluent quality with Organix™.
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  • Pur-IX™

    Key advantages of a Pur-IX™ system: compact footprint, lowest salt consumption, lowest waste volumes of any treatment option, continuous and smooth regeneration and minimal energy consumption.

    The Pur-IX™ system incorporates a series of ion exchange vessels, which are continuously cycled through water treatment and regeneration modes with a multi-port valve. This continuous cycle process provide maximum resin loading but prevents contaminant dumping with parallel vessel configuration. The primary waste generated from the Pur-IX™ system will be brine waste and relatively small in volume compared to conventional ion exchange. The multi-port valve is a patented product manufactured by PuriTech, and Tonka Water is the exclusive licensee of the technology in the United States municipal market.

    If you have questions about how an Pur-IX™ Ion Exchange system can address your drinking water treatment needs, Tonka Water can help design a customized soluti...
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  • RotaClear™

    Tonka Water’s RotaClear™ provides high rate enhanced solids contact clarification in a continuous mixing environment, with slurry recirculation of pre-formed floc for chemical feed optimization, followed by upflow clarification. RotaClear™ clarifiers are applicable for projects involving lime softening, turbidity removal, color removal and the removal of suspended solids.

    Advantages of the RotaClear™ are its innovative design, it’s ability to be placed in steel or concrete basins, controllable clarification, and it’s unique internal dynamic mixing chamber with continuous flow recirculation.

    Raw water enters into the primary mixing chamber, where high flow dynamic mixing brings applied chemicals into contact with raw water as well as pre-formed re-circulated floc. This provides a high degree of particle contact in the primary mixing chamber before flowing to the secondary chamber where mixing energy tapers to a lower rate for addition...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/rotaclear

  • Heli-Cone™

    Tonka Water’s Heli-Cone™ provides turbidity removal in a single hydraulically driven unit. It is ideal for high turbidity surface waters, lime softening, iron and manganese, and pre-sedimentation.

    The Heli-Cone™ has a multitude of advantages over other clarification systems, including having no mechanically moving parts; inherent mixing, coagulation and tapered flocculation; a large retained slurry mass for high solids contact; helical flow hydraulics; easy slurry blanket re-suspension upon start-up and a controllable slurry concentrator for solids disposal.

    The Heli-Cone™ up-flow solids contact clarifier is a proven hydraulically driven system designed to form and maintain a rotating, conical-shaped slurry blanket, through which water flows upward in an expanding spiral path. This design minimizes the energy input required for the maintenance of a slurry blanket and eliminates the mechanical problems associated with conventional clarifiers. The...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/heli-cone

  • TriClear™

    Tonka Water’s TriClear™ conventional propeller solids contact clarifiers are versatile upflow clarifiers suitable for a wide variety of solids removal applications.

    The advantages of Tonka Water’s TriClear™ solids contact clarifiers include a compact footprint; enhanced coagulation; tapered internal flocculation and proven upflow clarification. The clarifiers combine mixing, coagulation, clarification and sludge removal, and can be constructed for steel or concrete basins.

    Raw water flows into the internal draft tube where it is mixed with a high-speed propeller mixer, and is brought into contact with previously formed solids. The mixture then coagulates and enters the interior inverted conical flocculation area where energy is dissipated prior to upflow by radial collection launders. Settled solids are simultaneously removed by full-floor mechanical scrapers.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/solids-contact-clarifie...

  • Flux RO/NF™

    As a manufacturer of membrane and conventional systems, Tonka Water brings you the best technology of both treatments in one system. As a single source equipment provider, we guarantee system performance. Our membrane systems offer solutions across the full filtration spectrum: Nanofiltration and Reverse osmosis.

    Tonka Water is the one company you will need to work with. We assure that a single manufacturer provides equipment and takes process responsibility. A thorough understanding of membrane pre- and post-treatment as well as proper application of membranes is critical to the success of membrane treatment projects. Our membrane systems provide solutions to the complex issues involved with membrane applications.

    In order to succeed, treating particularly challenging waters may be a combination of conventional and membrane treatment equipment combined in a single system. By combining the best available technologies of conventional and membrane treatment systems, Tonk...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/nfro-membrane

    Flux RO/NF™
  • U-Flex™

    Tonka Water provides U-Flex™ ultrafiltration (UF) membrane technology for your most challenging water treatment needs. The U-Flex™ system is fully automated with advanced technology and internet-based control that provides online factory support in real time.

    The U-Flex™ membrane is fully automated with a state-of-the-art technology, internet-based controls. It has easy access and repair and is Tonka Water guaranteed. It is one of our most advanced technologies and has the potential to meet existing and future stringent water quality regulations. The U-Flex™ membrane technology will also treat difficult source water with proper pre/post treatment.

    The advantages of the U-Flex™ system include a tough, double-walled “outside-in” hollow fiber by Dow™, effluent quality Ë‚ 0.1 NTU guaranteed. Included are automated backwashing strainers, 130 micron protection and wireless internet-based data-logging and controls. Th...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/mfuf-membrane

  • SpiraClear™

    The SpiraClear™ has a small footprint and uses “pelletized” technology for lime softening systems.

    The SpiraClear™ is of an efficient design, compact footprint and has a unit flow rate up to 700 gpm. Limestone pellets are produced instead of sludge, eliminating salt waste created from regeneration. The SpiraClear™ is particularly suitable for higher calcium, lower magnesium type hardness.

     Tonka Water’s SpiraClear™ is used to soften water by forming limestone pellets as the pH-adjusted water travels upward in a helical flow pattern. The SpiraClear™ is hydraulically designed with a water influent to enter tangentially at the base of the vessel which causes a swirling upward motion of the water. The helical swirling motion ensures thorough and uniform contact between the added softening catalyst and the water. The upward motion maintains the granular bed in a fluidized condition, with calcium precipitation on the granu...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/spiraclear

  • OptaCell™ Pressure Filter

    Horizontal pressure filters are used in moderate to high flow pressure filter applications. Tonka Water OptaCell™ pressure filters are incredibly versatile and can be constructed from 8 to 12 feet in diameter, have the option to be end or side piped, and can be constructed in a single or multiple vessel configurations. Our OptaCell Plus™ isolated cell configuration gives users the capability to remove a treatment cell from service while other cells remain in operation. This functionality enhances plant efficiency, saves scheduled down time and provides unique flexibility for plant operators.

    The advantages to Tonka Water’s OptaCell™ horizontal pressure filter include ASME Code construction, certification and U-Stamped. There is versatility in the systems, with Simul-Wash™, water only, or air followed by water backwash. There are a wide range of options available for media selections and availability for future expansion. Lastly, it is operational...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/horizontal-pressure-fil...

    OptaCell™ Pressure Filter
  • VertaCell™ Pressure Filter

    Tonka Water’s VertaCell™ pressure filter systems can be customized to single or multiple filter configurations using virtually any media. Sizes are flexible, from two to twelve feet in diameter and everything in between. In order to backwash or perform maintenance, multiple filter configurations can have one filter completely removed from the system, without interfering with the operation of the other units.

    These systems utilize vertical ASME stamped vessels where individual filters are placed side by side. Customized full plant controls can be combined with VertaCell™ systems, assuring peace of mind for operation.

    Erect in-place systems or pre-engineered and assembled skidded systems are available.

    The advantages of Tonka Water’s VertaCell™ systems include ASME design assuring third-party inspection with ASME U-Stamp. Extensive versatility can be included in the systems, such as our proven water saving Simul-Wash™ backwash s...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/vertical-pressure-filte...

    VertaCell™ Pressure Filter
  • Filtralator™

    Whether it be conventional or high-rate filtration, Tonka Water’s Filtralator™ gravity systems can conform to your project specific needs – whether it’s unique geometry, depth, effluent requirements or specialized media that’s required. All of our gravity filters can be provided with customized internal features such as our unique Simul-Wash™ backwash system and our many underdrain styles.

    The advantages of Tonka Water Filtralator™ systems are their Simul-Wash™ capabilities, adaptability to a wide variety of underdrain systems, incorporating design simplicity and overall system controls.

    The Filtralator™ system has Simul-Wash™ capabilities and is adaptable to a variety of underdrain systems. It encapsulates a conservative, easy-to-operate process with many customized features available.

    The Filtralator™ system treats turbidity and groundwater contaminants.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/gravity-filtration

  • Centralator™

    The Centralator™ is a four-cell “cluster type” gravity filter system, generally of concrete construction, exhibiting an extremely efficient footprint. Centralator™ systems have a capacity range from one MGD to over 30 MGD and are cost-effective systems that feature center control operation, eliminating the need for backwash pumps or pipe galleries. It is an excellent system for any filtration application and can easily accommodate our proven Simul-Wash™ backwash process to make it an even greener technology.

    The Centralator™ advantages include a compact footprint, reduced piping cost, versatile configuration and low O&M costs. Depending on selected media, a supplemental backwash pump may be required.

    The Centralator™ has a wide range of applications, including arsenic, radium, iron and manganese, and turbidity treatment.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/centralator

  • Chrome-IX™

    Chrome-IX™ is an innovative chromium removal technology developed by Tonka Water for the removal of both hexavalent and trivalent chromium. Awareness about the dangers of hexavalent chromium has resulted in new regulations for drinking water treatment, especially in California where the MCL is 10 µg/l, and the total chromium MCL is 50 µg/l. Elsewhere in the US, total chromium is regulated at the US EPA MCL of 100 µg/l.

    The main advantages to Chrome-IX™ include no generation of hazardous waste, infrequent vessel regenerations, and extremely long resin life. No proprietary resins are used with Chrome-IX™, and the sodium sulfate regenerant is recycled on site. Additional advantages to Chrome-IX™ are that standard resins can be used and no sodium chloride brine is used, so there is no brine for disposal.

    Tonka Water uses a strong base anion exchange process, placing the resin in sulfate form, allowing for the Chrome-IX™ syste...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/chrome-ix

  • Delivered Treatment System (DTS™)

    Tonka Water’s DTS™ revolutionizes factory-built complete water treatment system construction. The DTS™ is delivered to your site as a water treatment system complete in a building, fully tested and connection-ready. This cost-effective system can accommodate a complete line of treatment technologies. The unit can be customized to a full array of interior and exterior building finishes and is suitable for all climates.

    The Tonka Water’s DTS™ is ideal for low to medium flow projects. Tonka Water works directly with consulting engineers and owners to provide an efficient, functional “plug and play” system. The building enclosure is customizable, from the overall layout to internal and external finishes. The controls, piping and valves are installed in the building prior to shipment. The Tonka Water DTS™ approach streamlines overall project delivery from initial design through plant commissioning.

    Tonka Water’s full arr...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/dts

    Delivered Treatment System (DTS™)
  • UTS™

    Tonka Water’s Unitized Treatment System (UTS™) is a complete physical/chemical treatment process in a single package unit. It consists of a three-stage process of flocculation, settling and filtration. UTS™ systems are primarily used to remove moderate to high turbidity in challenging surface waters, but can also be applied in any high solids application. UTS™ technology can also be applied for water re-use, wastewater recycle and processing of Title 22 water in California.

    The key advantage to the UTS™ is its compact design occupying minimal floor space. Our UTS™ technology comes with our Simul-Wash™ backwash system, making the complete water plant a green technology. We maintain gravel-supported media to ensure low headloss and conservative operation – and we guarantee efficient results. The construction of the UTS™ can be steel, aluminum or concrete, and employs tube settlers in the sedimentation section. Our MechVac&tr...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/uts

  • Dualator® I

    The Dualator® I is a low profile groundwater treatment system, using an integral induced draft aerator for iron oxidation, followed by 10 minutes of plug flow detention meeting Ten State Standards for iron removal. The integral gravity filter is divided into a multi-cell configuration for optimum operational flexibility, and comes with our state-of-the-art combined air water backwash system, Simul-Wash™.

    The advantages to the Dualator® I are that it is a low profile design that is accessible during operation, incorporates Simul-Wash, has a wide flow range, is cost effective and meets Ten States Standards. The Dualator® I is also versatile, utilizing a variety of filter media including conventional dual media and oxide-coated media, and is easily adaptable to ion exchange for post treatment.

    For a project in Forest Lake, MN the raw water supply is received from a Mount Simon well bearing an iron concentration of 1.1 mg/l and a hardness of 230 mg/l. The...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/dualator-i

    Dualator® I
  • ClariFlote™

    Tonka Water’s ClariFlote™ treatment system combines upflow clarification and filtration in a high-performance, compact footprint. Our ClariFlote™ can treat the most challenging waters while conserving backwash waste. It solves difficult treatment issues including removal of color and organics while minimizing energy, chemical use and wastewater. ClariFlote™ is designed to handle a variety of water sources, and meets all USEPA and Ten States Standards for potable drinking water.

    The ClariFlote™ packaged surface water system combines high rate adsorption clarification with mixed media filtration. A buoyant adsorption media bed provides clarification to significantly reduce the solids passing through to the filter bed. The mixed media filtration then removes the remaining solids. The mixed media bed consisting of an engineered tri-media produces consistent effluent quality.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/clariflote

  • Clari-Filt™

    The Clari-Filt™ water treatment system is a pressurized 2-stage physical/chemical treatment system. It is an ideal system for the removal of turbidity from groundwater wells under the influence of surface water and other similar low turbidity waters. The Clari-Filt™ system incorporates Simul-Wash™, our controllable air and water backwash process both in the flocculation compartment, as well as in the polishing filtration compartment. The Clari-Filt™ can be configured horizontally and vertically depending on design flow rate.

    Advantages include: extremely compact footprint, especially when applied using Tonka Water’s unique isolated cell/vessel configuration, can be pressurized from raw water well through to distribution system, and a low cost of installation and operation.

    The Clari-Filt™ system uses a two-stage approach to coagulate, flocculate and filter under pressurized conditions. Water passes through chemical addition and stati...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/clari-filt

  • Aerators

    Tonka Water offers a wide variety of high efficiency aeration and stripping equipment for iron oxidation and gas stripping. We utilize unique, specially developed hollow cone pattern, inlet spray nozzles that are non-clogging and exhibit very low pressure loss. Based on the level of contaminants and specified efficiency, Tonka Water can provide an aerator or stripper to perform under a variety of demanding specifications including the treatment of VOCs, iron oxidation, hydrogen sulfide, ammonia, radon, methane and carbon dioxide. A variety of construction options include aluminum, stainless steel, fiberglass and carbon steel, depending on the application. These operation friendly and low energy systems provide excellent aeration/gas stripping with low fouling potential and optimized chemical feed requirements.

    Aerators are widely used for iron oxidation and limited reduction of commonly occurring gases in groundwater. Aerators can be induced, draft, forced draft, pressure typ...
    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/aerators

  • MechVac™

    Tonka Water’s MechVac™ offers distinctive and proven features to customize for any tank size, whether installing a new system or renovating an existing one. Our off the shelf components ensure superior performance and demonstrated design cost savings.

    Advantages include: cost savings are created through flexible drive mounting, eliminating the requirement for access bridge over the center of tank, fool proof end of travel proximity sensors, automated positive location feedback of collector location, sludge removal in both directions, flexible drive mounting positions, stainless steel construction, adjustable collection frequency, no access bridges or siphons required, and a low profile.

    Treatmen includes both surface waters and turbidity removal.

    More Information » www.tonkawater.com/product/mechvac