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Insightful Solutions


SmartSights, a global leader in data-driven analytics, reports, and notifications, empowers industrial operations with clear insights for effective decision-making and action. By providing comprehensive visibility into critical infrastructure management, SmartSights enables swift problem resolution, waste reduction, and cost efficiencies, elevating operational performance and sustainable plant health.


  • WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software

    Easily maintain all your operations across all of your locations from anywhere. SmartSights’ WIN-911 Notifications is the ultimate solution to monitor your plant’s health and turn alarm and operational management into actionable insights.

    More Information » smartsights.com/products/win-911-notifications

    WIN-911 Alarm Notification Software
  • XLReporter

    XLReporter isn’t just a reporting tool. It provides clear insights for effective decision-making and action, empowering you with operational intelligence to elevate performance. It offers easy access to data from PLCs, historians, alarm history, and IoT devices, coupled with built-in analytics that transform raw data into actionable insights.

    More Information » smartsights.com/products/xlreporter