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    The Blue Whale Micro Bar Screen is a superfine mechanical bar screen with 1mm - 6mm (0.03" - 0.25") openings. The Micro Bar Screen removes the vast majority of hairs, rags and "stringy material" which can pass through screens with larger openings. The Micro Bar Screen is designed for use in municipal and industrial applications. Once installed maintenance on items such as pumps, mechanical seals, diffusers and rotating equipment on which this stringy material tends to reform, is reduced to practically zero.
    The Micro Bar Screen fits in standard wastewater treatment plant inlet channels and can be retrofitted into existing channels to greatly improve screening removal rates and over all plant operations.
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  • OR-TEC Mark II Belt Press

    Designed with ease of operation, low maintenance, cost effectiveness and dewatering efficiency in mind, the MARK II is proving to be an emerging leader in the municipal, industrial and agricultural realms. It is constructed entirely of stainless steel and can be trailer mounted for multiple site operation.

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    OR-TEC Mark II Belt Press
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