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Merit Filter Corporation

The most effective and efficient, non-mechanical way to dewater sludge


  • Merit Filter Media Sludge Dewatering System™

    1'x1' Interlocking Sludge Dewatering Filter Blocks
    • Innovative Material - Practically indestructible
    • Modular Design - Allows design of any size bed
    • Triangular Opening Design - Eliminates media clogging
    • Low Start-Up Cost - Huge cost savings over other dewatering systems
    • Low Operating Cost - No power or skilled labor required to operate

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    Merit Filter Media Sludge Dewatering Sys...
  • Merit Filter Corporation Static Screen™

    The Merit Filter Corporation Static ScreenTM  is most commonly used for the primary treatment of raw sewage and/or combined storm water pretreatment. Pretreatment removes most of the settleable solids and non-biodegradable floatables.
    • Low cost and dependable solution for the removal of suspended solids from municipal and industrialwastewater streams.
    • Stationary, requires no power to operate and has no moving parts, thus making it the most economical method of screening and classifying wastewater streams.
    • Self-cleaning, requiring minimal operator maintenance or input. It is compact, highly reliable and easily installed. Our Static Screen can pay for itself in a short time by reducing treatment costs and recovering valuable by-products.
    • By using for primary screening, the organic loading on a wastewater plant is reduced, thereby reducing loading and maintenance on digesters, clarifiers, lagoons and pumps. It may also all...
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  • Merit Filter Corporation Sludge Thickening Device™

    A Practical Solution for Sludge Thickening and Removal of Excess Liquid

    • The most practical method of thickening virtually all biological and industrial waste sludges. The SLUDGE THICKENING DEVICE™ has no direct power requirements. Thickening can be accomplished, in most cases, without the use of coagulants or inorganic additives, such as alum.
    • Works by taking advantage of the laws of nature and physics. Dilute sludges, when not being aerated, or stirred, will settle. This settling will result in separate layers of sludge and supernatant. This separation, or stratification, will result in the heavier layers of sludge sinking to the bottom of your tank, while the lighter layers, or supernatant, will rise to the top.
    • Enables the plant operator to easily remove the layer, or layers, of supernatant while leaving a thickened sludge behind. The removal of the supernatant is accomplished by the Sludge Thickening Devices ability to allow draw-off of the s...
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  • Merit Filter Corporation Polyurethane Bucket Tip™

    Merit Filter Corporation also manufactures, and sells, a polyurethane bucket tip to bolt to the front edge of the utility tractor’s bucket. The bucket tip should always be affixed to the utility tractor’s front edge before dried sludge is removed from the Merit Filter Bed Media™. This insures the media does not get damaged and does not get abraded from the hardened wear edge of the utility tractor’s bucket.

    Bucket Tip Info

    • Molded of polyurethane with a Shore Durometer hardness reading of between 60 and 65 on the “D” scale, as measured using ASTM test method D 2240.
    • The bucket tip has a steel insert molded within to provide rigidity.
    • The bucket tip measures 6” wide by 1 ½” high by 60 inches long and have incorporated ten (10) countersunk holes to accept 3/8-16 flat head bolts and Nylok nuts. New fastening hardware for the bucket tip is stainless steel and is supplied with each bucket tip purc...
      More Information » www.meritfilter.com/merit-filter-corporation-polyu...

    Merit Filter Corporation Polyurethane Bu...



  • Chuck McDonald
    Chuck McDonald

    General Manager
    Merit Filter Corporation
    Clarks Summit, Pennsylvania