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  • Partially Full Pipe Flow Measurement

    There are countless numbers of pipes across water districts and wastewater networks that do not run full all the time. Whilst from a measurement perspective it is preferable to measure flow in a full pipe, from a practical viewpoint it is often either difficult to achieve full flow under all conditions or just not economic to change. A major problem with measuring flow in partially full pipes is access to the inside of these pipes in which to measure the flow. Traditionally, these flows have gone un-monitored as no monitoring point/s are accessible or, alternatively, costly civil works have been required to make access points. With the use of a MACE FloPro XCi in conjunction with a MACE insertion velocity sensor and a MACE EchoFlo ultrasonic depth sensor, the monitoring of partially full pipes without the need for costly pipework alterations is a reality.
    In the example shown here, a FloPro XCi is being used to measure & display velocity/depth and the resultant flo...
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    Partially Full Pipe Flow Measurement
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