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Lakeside Equipment Corporation

Cleaner Water for a Brighter Future®

Lakeside Equipment Corporation

Employee owned and operated since 1928, Lakeside Equipment is celebrating 95 years of expertise in Treatment Equipment and Process Solutions. Lakeside Equipment Corporation is a proven provider of reliable, efficient, cost-effective equipment for the treatment of municipal and industrial wastewater. With a wide range of systems and products for virtually all stages of wastewater treatment, from influent to discharge, offering consulting engineers and plant operators the assurance of the highest quality performance. When Lakeside Equipment is specified for a project, rest assured the best equipment needed to meet all of a plant's requirements in all phases of wastewater treament will be received. 


  • Screw Pumps

    Screw Pumps are ideal for moving large volumes of liquid with low lift. Consisting of a few moving parts, Lakeside Screw Pumps provide a built-in variable capacity while operating at a constant speed, resulting in minimum wear and maintenance. With a non-clog design, our Screw Pumps will handle many applications efficiently.

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    Screw Pumps
  • Raptor® Screening

    Trusted by municipal and industrial users alike, our Raptor® screening products are designed to effectively screen, wash, compact and dewater captured debris in one smooth, seamless operation. These screening products are all stainless steel construction and designed to combine 4 unit processes into one unit.

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    Raptor® Screening
  • Hauled Waste Receiving Station

    Receiving waste such as septage, Fats-Oils-Grease (FOG), and sludge can cause severe operational problems and additional equipment maintenance at public and private treatment facilities. Adding a waste receiving station which includes our Raptor® Septage Acceptance Plant or Complete Plant provides screening and grit removal in a reliable compact system. The unique screenings basket is specifically designed to handle heavy solids loadings and high grease concentrations, which allows waste haulers to unload quickly, providing more revenue to both the haulers and the receiving facilities.

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    Hauled Waste Receiving Station
  • Packaged Headwork's System

    When designing a headwork’s system that needs to be above ground, or a system requiring minimum excavating and concrete work, Lakeside has a solution for you. Our Headwork’s Packaged Systems combine screening and grit removal in a pre-engineered compact design. These systems are provided with multiple screen and grit chamber options that provide numerous choices to fit the needs of your application.

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    Packaged Headwork's System
  • Screens and Trash Rakes

    Complete line of screens and trash rakes from Muhr, complements Lakeside Equipment’s water and wastewater technology for a complete solution. For new installations or retrofitting of existing structures, these screen and trash rakes effectively clean intake water/wastewater reducing damage to pumps, turbines and other equipment. From leafs to logs, the family of Muhr Hydronic and Catronic screen and trash rakes assure reliable removal. The hydraulically and cable operated rakes provide versatile and economical operation with minimal rack wear and are easily accessible above the water surface for maintenance.

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    Screens and Trash Rakes
  • Grit Removal

    Grit materials such as sand, gravel and other abrasive materials can wear down pumps and valves and also accumulate in channels and tanks. Adding a grit removal system can help maximize aeration and digester tank volumes thereby enhancing treatment plant performance while keeping overall operating costs low. Lakeside offers several types of grit removal systems for a total solution to your grit problems keeping your operations running smoothly.

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    Grit Removal
  • Biological Treatment

    Whether your treatment facility is looking to handle varying influent flows or loadings, achieve maximum energy efficiency, or meet stringent discharge limits, Lakeside can provide a cost-effective solution for your biological treatment process. Our team can provide reliable and efficient designs ranging from basic secondary treatment in a single reactor to advanced multi-stage nutrient removal. Several types of biological treatment systems are available; the Closed Loop Reactor (CLR) which is an extended aeration, complete mix process providing superior treatment, the Sequencing Batch Reactor (SBR) providing excellent treatment with a fully automated system in a single basin, and the Package Extended Aeration Treatment System offering an economical and compact design that is suitable for smaller treatment facilities.

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    Biological Treatment
  • Clarification and Filtration

    An efficient clarification and filtration system is an essential part of any treatment plant. The peripheral-feed Spiraflo Clarifier is designed for superior removal of settleable solids in water, wastewater and industrial applications. The unique spiral flow pattern has been proven to be more effective than center-feed clarifiers, even in the toughest applications. The MicroStar is a simple and economical filter that is designed to meet more restrictive effluent discharge limits. The efficient MicroStar Filter offers the right solution for your high quality filtration needs.

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    Clarification and Filtration