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  • AutoFilt RF3

    HYDAC back-flush filters are designed for continuous and maintenance free filtration in all sectors of industry for water filtration.

    Fully-Automatic Operation,

    Maximum Utilization of Filter Surface,

    Continuous Filtration Even During Back-Flushing,

    Conical Filter Elements for Optimum Filtration,

    Pulse-Aided Back-Flushing Cleaning,

    Individually Adjustable Control Parameters,

    Flow- Optimized Filter,

    Static Sealing Between Contaminated and Clean Sides,

    Variable Housing Isometry,

    Ready-To-Operate Unit,

    ISO 9001 Certification,

    ANSI Flanges 

    More Information » www.hydacusa.com/filters/f_backflush.htm

    AutoFilt RF3
Web Site: www.hydacusa.com