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  • Hydrochloric Acid Storage and Reactor Tanks

    Our high-density polyethylene storage tanks are a great choice for your needs in storing the highly corrosive material, hydrochloric acid. Whether you are using it for refining, the pickling and cleaning of metal, electroplating, you’re in the manufacturing of fertilizers or dyes, in the photographic, textile or rubber industries, or are using it for other purposes, we have a very good tank for your use. Hydrochloric acid has a very acidic pH level of -1.1 considering a 36% solution, our high-density polyethylene tanks can store the material securely and safely because they do not corrode even against this chemical. We have two tanks that we recommend for hydrochloric acid.

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    Hydrochloric Acid Storage and Reactor Ta...
  • Sulfuric acid tanks

    Sulfuric acid is being used for many applications in many different industries. Due to that popularity we manufacture tanks especially for your needs and we have two options for you to choose from.

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    Sulfuric acid tanks