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GEMU Valves Inc.

GEMU Valves, Measurement and Control Systems

GEMU Valves Inc.

GEMÜ Valves is a leading world-wide manufacturer of high quality valves, measurement and control systems. The globally focused, family owned enterprise was established in 1964 with the Atlanta facility opening in 1988. Today, GEMÜ continues to be a market leader with its innovative products and customized solutions. GEMÜ’s products are well known for their modular design, high performance, and superior quality.
GEMÜ is committed to the pursuit of quality and excellence in the development, production and manufacturing of engineered diaphragm valves. We strive to consistently provide a level of service exceeding the expectations of our customers. Every inquiry and order is carefully considered so the customer can be offered the most suitable GEMÜ product to match their requirements. GEMÜ’s overriding philosophy is to ensure each and every customer contact is a quality experience.


  • GEMU R690 - Compact, Smaller, Better Value

    A Milestone in industrial plastic piping systems
    In plant engineering there is a great demand for application specific components with a wide range of functions which save space, weight, and are easy to install. Compact, lightweight plastic diaphragm valves offer cost-effective alternatives to conventional valve designs.
    The new R690 pneumatic and R677 Manual 2/2-way plastic diaphragm valves from GEMÜ, the premier engineering specialists for valves, measurement and control systems, offer all the advantages for economical use in most applications: They are small and compact, lightweight and designed so that combinations of several nominal sizes can be installed on the same mounting height plane. For installation, the valves are supplied in all standard connections for the different international standards.
    Despite their compact size and smaller dimensions, the redesigned flow-optimized valve bodies provide the same high flow rates as the previous models, and in...
    More Information » www.gemu-group.com/en_EN/valve-designs/diaphragm-v...

    GEMU R690 - Compact, Smaller, Better Val...
  • GEMU 4200 Series of Switchboxes

    The GEMU 4200 series of switchboxes provide a variety of options for linear and quarter turn valve needs. All switches in the 4200 series are a combination of position indicator and 3/2 way integrated pilot valve optimized for valves sizes up to six inches. The 4200 series covers mature products with a solid background and newer products that combine years of experience with the latest technology and innovations. Several communication options include 24 VDC, DeviceNet and AS-I. All versions include electrical position feedback as well as optical indication of position. With all the options our 4200 series has to offer, there’s a good chance we have an option for your linear and quarter turn valve needs.
    The 4200 series is only one part of our valve automation product line. We have a large variety of products such as simple position indicators. Our flowmeter technology includes magnetic induction, turbine and variable area. The GEMU line of positioners cover the range from...
    More Information » www.gemu-group.com/en_EN/measurement-and-control-e...

    GEMU 4200 Series of Switchboxes
  • GEMU Stainless Steel System Solutions

    As a valve specialist GEMÜ reduces the space requirements for process plant and, at the same time, increase the performance capability of system components. Multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel combine various functions for the control of liquids and gases in the smallest possible space.
    GEMÜ has been manufacturing innovative, sterile multi-port valve blocks made of stainless steel for 20 years for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry. The complexity and compliance with the end customer requirements for modern plant engineering would not be possible without this continuously developing multi-port valve block technology. GEMÜ has not only met the challenge of designing creative solutions; is also mastered the production of these complex components using state of the art CNC machining centres.

    For customised block designs we integrate a wide range of functions: blending, splitting, diverting, draining, feeding or cleaning. Double shut offs...
    More Information » www.gemu-group.com/en_EN/customer-solutions/multi-...

    GEMU Stainless Steel System Solutions
  • GEMÜ eSyDrive motorized actuator sets new standards in the areas of compact design, speed and accuracy.

    GEMÜ has designed this new actuator as a response to increasing requirements in the area of motorized valves, while recognizing current trend in the area of process automation. Pneumatically operated valves are increasingly being replaced with electrical versions.
    The development of this new actuator has been based on decades of experience in the area of motorized actuators. GEMÜ already boasts a long-established selection of corresponding products in the areas of linear and quarter turn actuators for globe and diaphragm valves, butterfly valves and ball valves.

    Functional principle of the new actuator
    Designed on the basis of the hollow shaft principle in conjunction with technology that does not use brushes or sensors, the GEMÜ eSyDrive sets new standards in terms of compact design, reliability and accuracy. The self-locking actuator also offers a high level of reproducibility for positioning and is therefore particularly suitable for use in precise c...
    More Information » www.gemu-group.com/en_EN/news-press/news-press-rel...



  • Jeff Borchers

    Industry Product Manager
    GEMU Valves
    Atlanta, Georgia