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Federal Screen Products Inc.

Industry Leaders in Custom Wedge Wire Fabrication & Engineering



    Extremely strong and durable, Federal Screen custom fabricates vessel internals using high-quality wedge wire screen for the most demanding water applications. Wedge wire offers a continuous-slot design which increases open area for better collection and is highly resistant to clogging as well as extreme pressure and temperature variances. The combination of a unique internal support-rod structure and the flexibility in the materials available to be used in fabrication makes wedge wire a great choice when constructing an under-drain system. Internals are designed to provide even flow distribution throughout to avoid channeling and are available in multiple configurations. Screen laterals and pipe-based screen laterals can be connected to distributor and drain headers by custom bolt patterns, standard NPT threads, fabricated or ANSI flanges or welded as one assembly. 

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/vessel-internals


    Federal Screen Products engineers MBBR System Screens (Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor) that are used as a secondary treatment for a variety of municipal and industrial applications. They are designed to maximize flow rates as well as to prevent biofilm carriers from escaping in wastewater treatment applications. Manufactured with high-quality stainless wedge wire, using wastewater screens reduces environmental pollution levels and lowers operational costs over the years.
    MBBR System Screens are fabricated with strong and durable resistance welding and are available in a wide range of profile wire to suit most systems. They are robust for vertical wall applications and are self-cleaning when designed to the flow rate. Screens are available in a flat, curved or cylindrical form and are manufactured to meet our customer’s drawings and specifications. Our screens are used by many OEMs in equipment designed to remove both large and small debri...
    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/waste-water-screen


    Federal Screen Products engineers long-lasting and unique strainer baskets for water application needs. The baskets are fabricated individually for specific applications with stainless steel wedge wire and custom-made flanges and housings. The combination of high-quality materials, accurate slots and maximum open areas ensure optimum design for low-wear characteristics, resulting in longer service life. The strainer baskets are a great option for multiple applications where perforated baskets don’t provide a sufficient open area and where mesh-weave baskets aren’t suitable for the required pressure differential. Designed to meet a variety of OEM replacement needs and pressure designs, baskets are available in high-nickel alloys for use in highly corrosive environments, with slot sizes ranging from 0.001 to 0.625 inch. We specialize in supplying various types of strainers, including those used in self-cleaning, automatic backwashing and in-line Y and T st...
    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/strainer-baskets


    Federal Screen Products engineers innovative and cost-effective intake screens for your water application needs. Our wedge wire screens are an economical and reliable system for wildlife protection and debris removal from surface water supplies. Screens filter raw water that will be used as cooling water for process water or industrial sites including power, raw water, desalination plants, drainage channels and irrigation offtakes. We specialize in T-intake, drum, shallow water and river screens as well as custom designs to meet specific depths and locations. Available in various nickel alloys to resist corrosion our intake screens are EPA/316(b) compliant with even flow over the entire surface and can include an airburst cleaning system. There are no moving parts, which eliminate the need for replacement components and costly repairs.

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/intake-screens


    Dependable, strong and effective, our panel and sieve bends are custom designed with a wide range of profile wires to choose from. Sieve bends provide greater capacity than flat wedge screens because of increased gravitational forces on material flowing against the curve. Plus for surface filtration, the v-shaped surface wire allows for easy cleaning by mechanical means. 

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/flat-panel-sieve-bend


    Federal Screen offers a complete range of resin trap styles to suit virtually any application. They provide security in case of catastrophic failure of your media beds and are available in a full range of construction materials with a variety of connecting flanges and housings. We offer custom styles to accommodate your existing spooling restrictions, flow rates, pressures, and other needs. Resin traps are easy to maintain and are designed for extreme applications. Acrylic and stainless steel housings are also available.

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/resin-traps


    Available in a variety of framing options and designs, from one-piece construction to multiple sections, our support grids allow for easy on-site assembly, retrofitting, and transporting sections through existing manways. These self-supporting structures have exceptional resistance to collapsing and buckling, even in operations where screens must bear extremely high loads. Media support grids fabricated with Wedge Wire are a good choice when dealing with retaining media in vessels of all types.

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/support-grids


    One of our most popular product lines is our media retention nozzles. Offering compatibility, dependability, performance, and long service life, they can be manufactured in a variety of designs to suit many different media applications. Available in slot sizes from 0.001" to 0.625", nozzles are fabricated according to our customers’ specific requirements. Typical nozzles can be threaded with a straight thread or a pipe thread, as required. Toggle bolt systems are also available. Manufactured to suit orifice plate designs, nozzles are not restricted by screen diameter, connection type, slot, or length.

    More Information » www.federalscreen.com/media-retention-nozzle




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