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SAVECO North America, Inc.

a WAMGROUP Company

SAVECO North America, Inc.

Founded in 1972, Enviro-Care Company of Gurnee Illinois (now SAVECO North America, Inc.) is a headworks company supplying screening and solids/grit management equipment to the water and wastewater markets. Enviro-Care was purchased by the WAMGROUP® of Modena Italy in February of 2015.  This purchase positioned Enviro-Care Company as the exclusive sales and engineering subsidiary in North America for the WAMGROUP®’s SAVECO Water and Wastewater Division. Enviro-Care further expanded its product offering in March of 2015 when it became the exclusive sales licensee in North America of FSM Frankenberger GmbH & Co., KG of Pohlheim Germany.


  • Enviro-Care Beast

    The next generation of Septage, FOG and Sludge screening from SAVI and Enviro-Care.

    More Information » www.enviro-care.com/SAVI_VFA_DM_DM_T.htm

    Enviro-Care Beast
  • Enviro-Care Flo-Drum

    The SAVI Flo-Drum fine screen provides the ultimate in high screenings capture efficiency for municipal and industrial wastewater and MBR pretreatment applications. The rotating drum’s triple seal and exterior cleaning brush and water spray enhance capture, minimize by-pass and keep even small solids including hair inside the screen drum.  

    A Flo-Drum screen with 2 mm perforated media has a test verified capture of 86% and a 92% capture ratio with 1 mm perforated media.

    More Information » www.enviro-care.com/SAVI_VSA_VSAm.htm

    Enviro-Care Flo-Drum
  • FSM Filterscreen Perforated Media Belt Screen

    The FSM Filterscreen with 6 mm openings scored an 85% capture ration during UK-WIR testing.  Due to the self-adjusting brushm, that 85% capture is maintained for the life of the brush.

    More Information » www.enviro-care.com/FSM_FRS.htm

    FSM Filterscreen Perforated Media Belt S...
  • SPECO WASTEMASTER Shaftless Spiral Screw Screens

    SPECO utilizes the advantages of this proven shaftless spiral technology to provide small treatment plants with a high performance screen with high solids captures.  The 35 degree screen can handle flows up to 9 MGD and the 90 degree design to 2 MGD.  For very small flows, the SPECO Mini screw screen is designed for flows to 150 gpm.

    More Information » www.enviro-care.com/SPECO_GCE_GCP.htm

    SPECO WASTEMASTER Shaftless Spiral Screw...