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Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc.

Be Safe. Stay Healthy.

Enviro Tech Chemical Services is one of the leading manufacturers of peracetic acid and stabilized bromine products in the world. Our mission has always been to develop and manufacture top of the line products for various industries, offering non-traditional alternative chemistry with a focus on environmental compliance and effectiveness with a conscience. As Enviro Tech continues to grow and expand, the primary focus continues to be customer service and technical support.

Enviro Tech offers both EPA and FDA approved sanitizers and biocides for use in a wide variety of applications such as meat and poultry processing, fruit and vegetable processing, agriculture, wastewater treatment, industrial water treatment, and oil and gas production. Enviro Tech has manufacturing facilities both on the east and west coasts, which allows us to ship our products with ease anywhere in the US as well as the rest of the world.

Enviro Tech subscribes to the philosophy of excellence through knowledge and education.We believe that the greatest result of product performance is achieved when all parties have an understanding of how we can work together, how a product works, and what the specifics are of an application. We have the resources and we can assist you. Let’s work together to get the desired results.


  • Peragreen WW (PAA Wastewater Disinfection)

    Peragreen WW is Enviro Tech’s Peracetic Acid formulation for Wastewater Disinfection. It is a 15% peracetic acid microbiocide specifically developed for the control of bacteria and algae growth in wastewater treatment systems. Peragreen WW is ideal for reducing bacterial organisms commonly found in wastewater treatment systems without the formation of potentially harmful disinfection byproducts associated with other common microbiocides. Peragreen WW can be used as a standalone product or in conjunction with other systems such as ultraviolet (UV) light.

    More Information » envirotech.com/product/peracetic-acid-wastewater-d...

  • Peragreen WW Skid Fill System for Wastewater Treatment

    To dispense our PERAGREEN® PAA products, Enviro Tech Chemical Services  has developed three innovative feed skid systems, suitable for all kinds of wastewater facilities, that provide the highest standards in technology at the best price. These fully automated feed systems ensure a safe, reliable, and continuous peracetic acid application to your wastewater systems.

    We can work together to solve your wastewater issues with cutting-edge solutions and innovative and affordable technology. 



  • Enviro Tech Chemical Services Inc.
    500 Winmoore Way
    Modesto, California 95358
    United States
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