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Char Technologies Ltd.

Decarbonizing For A Circular Economy

Char Technologies Ltd.

CharTech Solutions develops and delivers innovative environmental technology solutions to eliminate water pollution and convert challenging waste streams into renewable and valuable outputs, helping our clients embrace the circular economy. As CHAR’s technology EPCM (Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management) group, CharTech Solutions designs and delivers turnkey water and high temperature pyrolysis projects to clients. With core competencies of process engineering and project management, CharTech Solutions specializes in delivering innovative service and technology solutions that are environmentally sustainable and cost-effective for our clients.


  • Water Treatment Systems

    CharTech Solutions designs and integrates turnkey, advanced clean water technologies to deliver cost-effective solutions that address the water pollution challenges of our clients.

    CharTech Solutions wastewater team specializes in high BOD (biological oxygen demand) applications, a common challenge for Food & Beverage processors, organics processors and renewable natural gas from biogas operations.

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    Water Treatment Systems


  • CHAR Technologies’ Pyrolysis System Effectively Destroys Toxic PFAS

    To safely use biochar in land-applications and prevent groundwater leaching, the toxic PFAS compounds must be removed. In the high-temperature, oxygen-free pyrolysis environment, the PFAS compounds are volatilized out of the solids, and are destroyed from the vapour phase through a hydrodefluorination (HDF) pathway during which the C-F bond is converted into a carbon-hydrogen (C-H) bond, where the hydrogen is supplied from the steam-reforming reaction (steam from the moisture in biomass can react with pyrolysis vapours to produce hydrogen). CHAR Technologies Ltd. (CHAR), in partnership with Western University’s Institute for Chemicals... More »

    CHAR Technologies’ Pyrolysis System Ef...



  • Andrew Friedenthal
    Andrew Friedenthal

    Business Development Manager
    Char Technologies Ltd.
    Toronto , Ontario