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Our Technology

BiOWiSH™ technology provides a solution to some of the most complex problems of our time, from food production to environmental pollution. It is a game-changing and climate-smart technology that can deliver vastly superior outcomes than available alternatives. The technology has been proven through its commercialization in Asia, Australia, Europe, the Americas, and now Africa.

Research and Development

Our technology is a result of scientific research and development made possible through our partnerships with leading universities, governments, and other research institutes in the United States and around the world.

Our People

We have a high-caliber team of people who are committed to reaching the full potential of BiOWiSH™ technology to benefit mankind. They have diverse backgrounds with experience in microbiology, research and development, consumer products, agriculture, wastewater treatment, oleo-chemicals, petroleum, alternative energies, and industrial products.

Best-in-Class Channel Partners

Our sales and distribution partners are experts in their respective fields. They supply BiOWiSH™ products and provide customer support to some of the world's leading companies. 


  • Septic Rescue

    Restores Failing Septic Systems
    Septic Rescue Kit restores your clogged or failing septic system and saves you the expense of a costly pump-out - guaranteed.

    Saves the cost of hiring someone to pump out your system
    100% Money Back Guarantee
    Safe for all plumbing and piping
    Includes three 100g packets that are designed to restore, boost, and maintain your septic system
    Revolutionary technology used in sewage treatment plants
    100% natural & non-toxic 

    More Information » www.biowishtechnologies.com/int/consumer/consumer-...

    Septic Rescue
  • Septic Tank Maintenance

    Helps Prevent Back-ups
    One dose of Septic Tank Maintenance helps prevent back-ups for 3 months.

    Digests solids and reduces the need to pump out
    Treats up to a 2500 gallon tank or up to 4 bathrooms
    Safe for all plumbing and pipes
    Rapidly removes odors
    100% natural and non-toxic

    More Information » www.biowishtechnologies.com/int/consumer/consumer-...

    Septic Tank Maintenance



  • Rod Vautier

    BiOWiSH Technologies, Inc.
    Cincinnati, Ohio