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Unique personal statement prompts to help you present yourself 



When you are trying to introduce yourself, do you feel at a loss for words? That is not a rare occurrence as people might feel indifferent when speaking or writing about themselves. There might be enough details in mind but the right way to express it might not be present.

When applying for any position, you must showcase yourself in a way that is appealing and unique. A legit essay writing service serves that purpose when attached to any application. Each application is unique and must have an equally unique statement to go with it. If you are stuck on ideas regarding the statement, then here are some prompts for your consideration.


Prompts to Introduce Yourself Better

  • Describe a person that you feel has been the biggest inspiration and the qualities that you connect with.
  • The book that has left the most significant mark in your life and the reason.
  • The motivation behind picking your major subjects and how does it define you
  • The reason behind joining a particular institution.
  • The most meaningful experience ever in your life and what did you learn from it
  • Examine an obstacle or a tough situation that you went through in life. How did you overcome it and how did it shape your life?
  • Any talent that makes you unique from others and how it defines you.
  • Have you ever been forced to challenge a belief that you held? How did you manage the situation and what was the outcome?
  • Examine any dilemma that you have solved or would like to solve. The reason behind the motivation to do so.
  • The event that leads to a personal growth that you still find important today.
  • Describe something that captivates you. What is the reason behind the attraction?
  • Describe yourself in a way that would make you suitable for the position you are applying for.


Now you have some idea of what to expect when you have been handed a statement to write about yourself. The best essay writing service in usa with expertise can guide you much better. But there are many things beyond that prompt that are useful as well. The main things start once the prompt is decided as then you have to write about yourself. The draft is important as it should be carefully crafted to capture your true self. Following are a few things that you need to take care of.


  • Make the statement your own. You do not want to provide details that are generic and that do not define you. You need to stand out from the rest and make sure the evaluators see it.
  • Do not enter any detail that is false. Otherwise, you will have a really tough time justifying it. Look into your life and just be honest. 

Use rhetorics but sparingly. You do not want to portray a sob story to the readers but at the same time, you must be assertive. Show why you are the best candidate for the position. I personally would only trust an online essay writing service to write essay for me if you are a specialist. If you need guidance, go to experts.

  • An important technique is to use the process of the show and tell. You must use certain language that portrays yourself and that the users can see into your life. Again, this will make the statement stand out and not be generic like others.
  • Do not use any details from the internet or other sources that do not represent you.
  • Outlining all the points is a good technique and quite a helpful one. It will make sure you do not forget any relevant points once you are constructing the final draft. You can either make a detailed outline or a concise one.
  • You must use the right tone and language. It should not be informal and must show that you have command over what you are saying.

Once you are done writing, make sure you revise the work in order to rectify any mistakes.


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