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Key Similarities and Differences Between Narrative Essays and Reflective Essays


Identifying and understanding key similarities and differences between narrative essays and reflective essays can assist you to get engaged with the learning that these forms could encourage. Apart from this, analyzing and understanding the difference between these types of essays can help you write your own essay perfectly. It is because cheap essay writing service would not get confused about ‘what to write in a particular type of essay’.

In some cases, it could be witnessed that a student is an excellent essay writer; however, he/she fails when unclear about the type of essay he/she has to write.


It is because the student faces difficulty with what to include and what to exclude while writing the essay. However, no need to worry if you find yourself in the same position. Following are the key similarities and differences between narrative essays and reflective essays, which will help enhance your grip on each one.

Key Similarities and Differences Between Narrative Essays and Reflective Essays


Narrative essays and reflective essays allow the cheapest essay writing service to write more personally.

  • Both, narrative essays and reflective essays allow the writer to compose creatively if we compare them with other types of essays.
  • Similar writing and content composing skills could be applied to both (narrative essays and reflective essays)
  • Both of them are mainly about a specific point or purpose on a particular matter that most likely to be a life event or personal experience.
  • Both narrative essays and reflective essays require the writer to make his or her personal experience the topic of his or her essay.


  • The key difference between narrative and reflective essays is; a reflective essay explains a particular story while a narrative essay simply tells a story.
  • A narrative essay requires the writer to distribute info between sentences and paragraphs while a reflective essay needs one to relate the event or experience.
  • A narrative essay can be made a masterpiece by focusing on “guiding the reader through a sequence of experiences or events”. On the other hand, the main focus is not always on the experience or event but on your response to it, when it comes to reflective essays.
  • The common or standard essay format is often appropriate for organizing a reflective essay. However, a narrative essay may need you to develop an outline as per details or points you have gathered from your experience or event.
  • Reflective essays usually comprise content or materials that can be lent to critical analysis or evaluation. However, the content of a narrative essay helps to tell a certain story while establishing a particular perspective.

Tips for Writing Masterful Narrative and Reflective Essays

To further assist you on how to write masterful essays beyond the type, the following are some key tips.

  1. Always avoid using complex words and phrases as they may make it difficult for the reader to pick the meaning. Hence, use simple and easy-to-understand words and phrases and always go for clarity.
  2. Always try to use the same tense (i.e., past) throughout your essay. Change if extremely needed and makes sense
  3. Always select your words and phrases carefully and wisely because your aim is to engage the reader, no matter what type of essay you are supposed to write.
  4. Never proceed to put unnecessary references and especially those that are not relevant to your essay or content. Rather, limit your sources and make sure to describe what you mean in your essay without denoting the reader back to your sources again and again.

You got ideas of how to write a masterful essay, no matter the type! Yes, but still worried due to lack of time! Do not worry, you can proceed to hire the free essay writing service who would deal with this worry of you. This means, they will write your essay with top quality, which would stand out of the list. 

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