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Muhammad Tayyab

Muhammad Tayyab

Timezone: Asia/Tashkent

What is the Required Documentation to Buy a House in Bahria Town Islamabad


To keep you well aware and updated about the proper and legitimate property transfer procedure and buying processes in the real estate market of Pakistan, here’s a detailed and comprehensive guide for you.


Bahria Town’s buying and transferring procedure of property is highly transparent and efficient and at the end of reading this article, you will be relieved to know that these steps are applicable for almost all the Bahria Town projects, namely, Offices for Sale in Islamabad in Bahria Town, Bahria Town Lahore, Bahria Town Islamabad, Bahria Golf City, and Bahria Enclave Islamabad. 


In case an official letter was not issued, the buyer party firstly needs a  

  • Bahria Town transfer receipt or allotment letter
  • Two photographs of the buyer (passport size)
  • Original Computerized National Identity Card of the buyer and its photocopies
  • Copies of CNIC of the buyer’s next of kin
  • A No-Demand Certificate from the Bahria Town’s administration
  • Transfer set
  •  A transfer set usually costs about 850 - 1050 PKR and includes the following:
  1. A Bahria Town property transfer form which is duly filled by both parties i.e. buyers and sellers 
  2. CNIC copies of all the parties, i.e. buyer, seller, and the proposed nominees
  3. A 20 PKR stamp paper which is the affidavit by the seller
  4. A 100 PKR stamp paper which is the undertaking by the buyer
  • Bank deposit receipt of the transfer set
  • A deposit receipt of any outstanding charges


Tip: Ink the agreement! 

If you want to live in a peaceful environment but you also need certain facilities, then make sure that your preferred choice offers all the necessary amenities. Also look for gas, electricity, telephone, and cable connections and check for uninterrupted water supply too. Don’t forget to add insulation and energy efficiency in your checklist. 


Bahria Town also has many community clubs and first-class restaurants, for instance, The Saddle Lounge, and others that fit every mood and occasion. Golf clubs, horse-riding clubs, parks and zoos, and cinemas are also present to give the residents an optimal experience. 


On the day of transfer, both parties, i.e buyer and seller should consider House for rent in Islamabad which present in their concerned Bahria Town office so that the transfer process is completed. 


A leading real estate resource for buying and selling property, Gharbaar is dedicated to helping you all profit from all the real estate opportunities! 


  • The transfer fee would be deposited by the buyer.
  • All the documents would be deposited by the buyer.
  • The buyer will sign all the required documents after the seller.
  • Photographs of both parties will be captured. 
  • After this, the buyer will present a pay-order to the seller.
  • If it is a general transfer, the buyer would get a transfer receipt and will get the allotment letter after 7-8 working days of the transfer day. 


While we are confident that we have provided you with all the necessary details, if you still have questions, contact professional agents at Gharbaar who are readily available 24/7 to cater to all your queries and real estate demands. Operating as Islamabad’s #1 online home-buying resource, the well-reputed agents will ease your difficulties the next time you are opting to buy the house of your dreams in Bahria Town Islamabad. 


Gharbaar helps potential buyers deal with sellers or property-owners with utmost transparency and efficiency and would prove to be the ideal destination to fulfil your investment opportunities. 


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