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How to verify the quality of construction before buying a house


Buying a new house may be a once in a lifetime transaction. Your house is where you make all the memories. But the most important thing to remember is that it should be safe in all aspects. One such aspect is of construction. Buying Plot for sale in Islamabad already built house may result in getting a bad deal in terms of construction performed. So, when you go out to look for a new house, how would you be able to tell the construction quality? Well, let’s look at some tips.

  • Inspect the house walls and roof for any signs of cracks. The cracks can either be major or minor. If major cracks are present, then refuse the deal as it may mean lack of good quality material used. If the cracks are minor, let the current owners repair it before you step into that house. 
  • Look for signs of dampness or water seepage on the roof and walls. It may mean that the condition of the inside material like the bricks might be deteriorating. It could also mean that there is an issue with the overall water system of the house. If you find any such indication, make sure to bring it to the notice of the owner.
  • Check for the flow of water through different areas of the house. This would provide you with an indication of the material that has been used for the water system. If the pressure is normal then great. Low pressure may mean that there is some blockage or leakage through the pipes. Such leakage would not only cause water problems but would also weaken the overall structure of the house by dampness. There may be a time soon when you would be inspecting your own house. Maybe there is an ad in the paper saying “Bahria Enclave Islamabad house for sale”. It could be your calling to a new house.
  • Checking the thickness of the walls is essential. This is an important step. For a single storey house, this may not better too much. But for a multi-storeyed house, it would matter greatly as the ground structure has to support the upper ones. Also, the walls are your protection against natural disasters such as an earthquake. So make sure that the walls are of an acceptable thickness.
  • Make sure that the paint on the walls and outside is of good quality and uniform. There are no visible cracks or issues. The outside paint is the one that is going to protect the walls and roof through its properties. If the paint is very old and deteriorating, then get the owner to finish a new coat before moving in otherwise you would be the one bearing the costs.
  • Ask the owner for some details and proof regarding the material used. Most people would have such details that would give you an indication whether the quality of materials is top-notch or not. You are the one spending money so there shouldn't be any hesitation in asking. This would also build a good relation between the two parties and maybe you would get more insight and details.


Quality of Construction and Physical Outlook of a House


The other thing that you must keep in your mind at the time of visiting a house for the buying purpose is that physical outlook and quality of construction also matters a lot to determine the real value of a house. Basically, location determines the price of land/plot while the rest is determined by the physical outlook of a house. The prices of two nearby houses can vary on the basis of construction quality. Price of a newly constructed house can be higher as compared to the older one. You must try to evaluate the real cost of construction of the house. Add it with the expected price of land and you will get a rough idea of the price of a house. 

Here is a piece of good news for you as now you can buy a new house in the state of art housing society of Islamabad. Bahria Enclave is one of the most prominent housing societies in Islamabad, so if you see any potential opportunities for Bahria Enclave Islamabad house for sale don’t let it go by. You can have your own house in this gated community and the most prime location of Islamabad at very reasonable prices. 


Get Estimates from Different Agents


You also can determine the cost of a house by getting the estimates of a property agent because they know more about the trends in the real estate market. But never rely on the estimate of a single property agent. Get estimates from as many agents as possible and then try to establish your own estimates. 


Try to Get Information About the Price of Other Comparable Properties 


You should do some research on the real estate market of your chosen area. You must also try to get the estimates about different other houses that can be compared with your specific choice. This will also help you to determine the true cost of a house. 

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