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Write a Research Paper in MLA Format - Guide 2021

A research paper is academic writing that requires a student to conduct a detailed research on a specific topic or a problem, analyze it, and form a conclusion. Every best dissertation writing services student is asked to write this paper for their degree.

 A research paper requires a lot of time to be written professionally. Not only this, the formatting and organizing of the research can be really tough for the students. 






This is used for thesis writing help in psychology and other social sciences – it has more guidelines than the style discussed above (MLA). It is a little more complex than the other two, but it is concise and easy to use as long as you follow its structure. You will need to have access to a university library with online resources in order to be able to make use of this style.

  1. Capitalize the first word of each title/heading (including subtitles). Use only capital letters at the beginning of heading level 1, lowercase for all other words except proper nouns, which are capitalized as well. No commas or periods are placed before or after headings in thesis writing service essay.


– For example:


  1. Starting each opening paragraph with a topic sentence, make sure to use the following section headers in order of importance (from largest heading to smallest).


  1. List only the page numbers for quotes from books that are not anthologies, and list all pages if they come from an anthology or translated works. When citing an internet source, include the electronic address as well as the date you accessed it.


  1. Include any relevant information such as the work's translator and publication date, if available; otherwise, just state where you found this information without giving too much detail on when or how you accessed it . Use endnotes instead of footnotes for extended examples and observations (if multiple notes appear on one page), and do not use notes if the information you are citing is obvious from the text.


– For example:


  1. List all names of each work cited in full, even those that have been published as forewords or prefaces . Cite the publisher's name and place of publication instead of using "New York," or "London" for cities . Put these publications in italics (if writing a paper on William Shakespeare, Westminster Abbey Press would be underlined instead).


  1. Decide between giving short titles of books (The Odyssey) and chapters/sections/acts/scenes from plays (Act I). If it is a chapter or section from a book, put quotation marks around it; otherwise use italics. Then write out the full title in the first citation, followed by short titles in later citations.


  1. Include a page number at the end of each line of dialogue except for stage directions and anything that is likely to be confusing without context (short paragraphs). Usually include "or quoted" before a speaker's name if the speech is not given at its original source . If you are using punctuation for persons other than a period, follow MLA guidelines; otherwise, do so according to the Chicago Manual of Style .


  1. The author-date method should be used for all complete works (books, magazines), as well as parts of larger publications such as chapters or essays from books or journals . Fax numbers and other contact information may also be included.


– For example:


  1. At the end of the paper, include a reference page, which may also be called References or master thesis help article . Follow it with a separate alphabetical list of works cited in the text , arranged by source type and then alphabetized by last name of the author, or first name if no author is listed . The last line should contain only "See entry # ." followed by the citation number . Each work must be numbered as well as alphabetized .


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