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glenn monson

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How To Write a Personal Essay? 

  1. What is a personal essay?

A personal essay is simply your story. essay writer will start with telling the audience who you are and the situation that you were in when the incident took place. It helps to give an idea where you were and what experiences have shaped your life since then. You can always begin with a statement, "I know for sure this experience has changed my life" or something similar to that line.

  1. Choose a topic

There is no limitation on topics as long as it would be appropriate for the readers' age range and maturity level of course! You can write about anything like yourself, family, friends, pet dog...etc; whatever crosses your mind and motivates you to share it with others if it has influenced your life in an important way.

What makes a topic interesting? You can discuss one main event, theme or lesson that affected you as well as other people you know. It helps the audience to relate it to their own lives.



The most common topics are about childhood experiences because they tend to be entertaining and memorable at the same time. The readers usually expect to feel nostalgic once they read it. Another thing you can do is write about the future experiences if you want to share what goals and plans are made for your future life too. If there are some lessons from them, those personal experience stories would be more meaningful than just telling them with words only!

When someone reads your essay, she will try her best to imagine how you felt and what sort of feelings your essay evoked. In order to convey such an emotion, it is important for you to use some skills in writing a meaningful introduction that can grab the readers' attention from the very first line.

You may want to include how you think life could be better by telling your story as well like in this example below:

Many children are forced into work rather than school by poverty that doesn't allow them to have enough food on every meal. Fortunately, I am not one of those children, instead my family works hard for me to get a good education so I don't become another unfortunate child essay writer free has no dreams or hopes for his future. I was born in June 1995...etc

  1. What is a hook?

A hook is the first sentence in your essay. It grabs the readers' attention from the rest of the content and lets them know what to expect for your writing. Here are some tips on how to write a powerful introductory sentence:

Choose a personal pronoun like "I" or "We". For example, you may start with " I was born in ....." if you want to tell about yourself. Don't be afraid to use adjectives or adverbs such as "very", "really", etc. Write an interesting statement that will make your audience think, this would definitely capture their attention! For example," My name is ...and I am... years old..." You can also ask a question that will motivate the readers to continue reading it, something like "How did I get my name?" can be a good way to grab the readers' attention.

  1. The body/Content of your essay

The body of your essay is the main part which you should write more carefully. This section includes the other parts including: (1) Setting, (2) Characters or Suspects, and (3)What Happened. Make sure that each sentence in this part is valuable for your writing! You may want to make a list of the important points first before writing them down step by step until you are finished with all three sections above. It will help you keep organized while writing an essay so that you don't have to look back at what you wrote before.

  1. The conclusion of your essay

The conclusion allows you to close the writing smoothly. In other words, it makes the readers feel like they have reached the final destination when reading your essay. It summarizes everything that has been discussed in your essay so far and would make them feel satisfied because they finally got to know what you want to tell them in this writing piece! To write a good conclusion, you can do some research about how similar essays conclude their works, and use relevant information from those sources as well as any ideas in your mind to support your previous contentions/thesis statement. Now its time for free essay writer to write an interesting heading for your concluding paragraph. For example, you can write down something like "I guess I'm lucky...", "In short", or "I believe". etc. Next, write a sentence that restates your thesis statement in a different way. Then, you may want to say how your body paragraphs support the main idea of your essay and answer any questions raised by them. Finally, here is an example below:

Once I knew what I was supposed to do with my life after high school, it made me feel confident about myself and my future as well as proud for being able to go on with my plans once I left this educational institution. As of now, I am very thankful for having such a wonderful family who supports me in everything....etc


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