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Alex Ben

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Write a Case Study

Case study is an in depth analysis of the topic. It mostly uses a qualitative research design as opposed to a quantitative one, which involves collecting and measuring numerical data with the help of statistical processes. A case study is also different from other methods used by researchers because it generally focuses on exploring issues rather than solving problems. In this sense, case studies are seen more as exploratory instruments. You can get dissertation writing services to write your case study.

Purpose of a Case Study

A good case study must have an objective or purpose that needs to be achieved before the research begins. Depending on your purpose, the following steps should be followed:

1) Decide what you want to achieve through your project? For instance, do you want to solve a particular problem? Are you looking to conduct an exploratory study in order to determine what the real issues are of a situation so that you can find appropriate solutions? Or do you simply want to explore and gain knowledge about a certain topic?

2) After deciding your objective, decide who is going to be involved through your research. The target population or sample size must depend on how far you intend to generalize from the results of your case study. You should also take into consideration which tools or techniques are most useful for studying the issue given your resources (time, money, available data sources etc). This will greatly influence the direction of incorporation as well as the types of materials that can be used for writing.

3) Lastly, you should determine how much time is required for your case study. As a general rule of thumb, the more in depth and the more complex your study is, the longer it will take to complete (depending on who will be involved).

Case Study Examples

There are various sources from which an aspiring researcher could get ideas or inspiration before writing his / her own research paper. You can get alot of help from thesis writing service. Below are some common examples:

1) Academic articles - These are scholarly articles that come from peer reviewed journals. It is best if you peruse several academic journal articles that have been written about your topic so that you may understand completely what other researchers have already studied and concluded about it. This way, it will prevent any overlapping in data gathering and analysis.

2) Books - These are written by authors who have their own views and perspectives about the topic. These people can then come up with corresponding conclusions that are not necessarily reflective of what the majority opinion is regarding your research issue. It is therefore important to take into account all points of view when conducting a case study (this can be done through interviews / questionnaires).

3) Interviews and questionnaires - This involves interviewing experts or other knowledgeable individuals on a certain topic in order to get an inside perspective from them. Questionnaires, on the other hand, involve administering surveys to the target population in order for you to obtain quantitative data that will later serve as one of your sources for analysis. The results gathered may also be used for getting a general sense of the research population.


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