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40 Interesting Persuasive Topics On Sexuality And Gender


At the present time, the subject of gender studies and gender equality along with the changing trends of sexuality has become very popular all across the globe. Women today have started to feel empowered and individuals with different sexualities feel more liberated and tolerated than ever. However, there is still a lot to do to bring equality and equity for everyone without any biases.

           Owing to the significance f the topic many professors ask their students to write essays on topics concerning gender and sexuality. Students then ask essay writing service to write my paper for me as they consider it a difficult task.


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            The first step in writing an essay is however the selection of a topic. An essay topic that gives space and room to the writer is considered the best. Not only this but the topic should also be about the latest event and relevant to the current times. In this article 40 interesting persuasive essay topics are presented to help students with the task of finalizing the topic.


  1.     Causes of imbalance in gender in Asian countries
  2.     Changing gender during the life of a person
  3.     Consequences of the #Metoo movement
  4.     Number of genders that exist in society today
  5.     Role of nature and nurture in expected gender characteristics
  6.     Role of parenting in gender orientation
  7.     The need for movement for men’s right
  8.     Sexual harassment and victim’s gender
  9.     Gender, sex, and leadership in the 21st century
  10. Cognitive and behavioral differences among various genders.
  11. Maternity leave versus paternity leave debate. Do both of these hold equal importance for the baby?
  12. Toys and sexual education, shall these be divided on the basis of the gender of a child?
  13. Beauty standards for each gender
  14. Gender dysphoria
  15. Do males and females differ in their non-verbal communications?
  16. Equality versus diversity at the workplace
  17. Religion and culture play a vital in the perception of homosexuality by an individual
  18. The sexuality of a person changes with the age
  19. Gender studies play a significant role in reducing the education gap between men and women in a society
  20. Disparities in the number of male and female leaders in the politics and business world.
  21. Women face discrimination in receiving healthcare too due to gender prejudices.
  22. Is the making of laws enough to ensure the safety of the third gender?
  23. Mere tolerance can not ensure better living standards and opportunities for homosexuals.
  24. Shall the sexual orientation of a parent be considered in the custody case?
  25. Is sexuality a gift of nature?
  26. Impact of cultures on the sexual orientation of a person
  27. Impact of religion on the inclusiveness of the LGBTQ community.
  28. Masculinity and Femininity as attractors
  29. Use of literature to promote women rights
  30. Is the dissemination of personality traits between men and women universal?
  31. Shall gender studies be included in the sciences
  32. Why developed countries have more sexual harassment than underdeveloped countries
  33. Separating men and women in arts is unjust
  34. Gender-based wages gap in the 21st century
  35. Homosexuality, a threat to the institution of marriage?
  36. Ender inequality is the most pressing global issue in the modernized world
  37. Single fathers and their role in the brought up of the children
  38. Is transgender, the most hyped yet less privileged third gender of society?
  39. Sexual liberation and its effect on the oppression of women
  40. Domestic violence can affect both genders


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