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Overview of Synthesis Essays - Guide 2021


Being a student, you must be aware of the different academic tasks that instructors assign to make you a critical researcher. Among all the academic assignments, the most common one is essay writing. There are several kinds of essays, but the most engaging and intriguing type of essay is a synthesis essay.

In a synthesis essay, you basically have to present your research and critical thinking skills. The sole purpose of a synthesis essay is to make your readers believe that you are capable of dealing with extensive research. A good custom essay writing service can help you in doing everything.



To write a synthesis essay, you must know how to take apart complex concepts to come up with an argument that will become the base of your essay. An ideal synthesis essay is one that takes ideas from different sources, summarizes them, and then combines all the ideas to convert them into a single thesis statement. Like an argumentative essay, your synthesis essay argues upon the single proposition that is termed as a thesis statement.

 By writing the thesis statement, you will be able to combine it with theses. This way you will write an essay following the organized synthesis essay format. In case, your concepts are not clear regarding the synthesis essay format, you can take help from the cheapest essay writing service providers who will write your essay at reasonable rates. 

 Two Types of Synthesis Essay

To become a perfect essay writer, you must know that a synthesis essay is of two types. So, the nature of sources and ideas depends on which type of synthesis essay you are reading. 

  1. Argumentative synthesis essay.

 The argumentative synthesis essay is an exact copy of a regular essay so, if you know how to write a simple argumentative essay, you will surely ace this type of essay writing.

The purpose of an argumentative synthesis essay is to search and find a proposition on which you can argue. Whatever topic you are selecting for developing the argument should be backed by supporting evidence. The standard format of an argumentative essay is to state your position first, provide argumentative claims and then provide strong supporting evidence for those claims to validate your research. An expert essay writer understands it and helps you in writing this kind of synthesis essay

  1. Explanatory synthesis essay

In contrast to the argumentative essay, an explanatory synthesis essay provides a better understanding of the topic. In this type of essay, the goal of the writer is simply to explain a topic rather than arguing about it. In the body paragraphs of the explanatory essay, you will present the information objectively by using various outside sources.

Like the other above type of synthesis essay, you have to provide credible sources for an explanatory essay as well. These credible sources will act as supporting evidence for the information you have mentioned in the essay. 

How to choose a topic for the synthesis essay?

If you are instructed to write a synthesis essay on a topic of your own choice, then it should not be boring. Your topic should be debatable so you can find different viewpoints or related information on your topic. Think of the topic that interests you the most. Remember, your topic should contain opposing views as well. For this purpose, you need to browse different ideas and topics. 

Once you have picked a topic, search it in depth. If you are satisfied with the selected topic then it's time to proceed further to find some credible sources. After gathering all the information from the selected sources, apply them to your synthesis paper by making them a part of your essay outline.

The sources that you have selected will be discussed in the body paragraphs as supporting evidence and counterarguments. Working with a ‘write my essay’ service helps you in choosing the right topic and writing the essay.


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