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  • Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc.
    Environmental Treatment Systems, Inc.

    Controls Controls - rom simple motor control stations to process control and data logging to full SCADA systems, ETS designs, engineers and manufactures control systems at our facilities here in the USA. ETS is a certified UL 508A electrical control panel shop for the USA and Canada and all control panels fabricated at...
    Biological Treatment Biological Treatment - Biological treatment is typically needed where reductions in soluble BOD5 or nutrient concentrations are required prior to discharge to a receiving stream or to meet POTW pretreatment limits. Occasionally, biological treatment can be justified by reduced BOD5 surcharges from a discharge to a POTW.
    Wastewater Systems Wastewater Systems - All wastewater processes require ancillary systems and components to properly function. ETS has developed and provides a number of the most commonly used, including: Flocculation Tubes Tank Mixing Systems pH Control Equalization Screening HELLBENDER™ Sludge Pumps HPS HELLBENDER™ Mixer...
    Physical-Chemical Treatment Physical-Chemical Treatment - Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) is well-suited for liquid-solid separation in many industries, as well as for separation of free oils and greases. The ETS RT-Series of DAF systems are packaged units which can handle flows of 10 gpm to 2,500 gpm. Systems can be provided complete with flocculation syste...

  • United Blower
    United Blower

    Quiet Pulse Packages Quiet Pulse Packages - Our signature series tri-lobe blowers featuring pulsation control. These are “European” style packages, with the blower system mounted inside a close fitting enclosure. The Quiet Pulse packages have a common base/discharge silencer and have the motor mounted to a spring supported tension...

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