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  • Enaqua
    Safe Water, Simplified.

    Enlight Non-Contact UV System Enlight Non-Contact UV System - Enaqua’s Non-Contact UV disinfection system is designed with the UV lamps kept separate from the water. The system is designed with water flowing through light transmitting AFP™ tubes and with the UV lamps placed on the outside of the tubes.

  • Toray Membrane USA, Inc.
    Toray Membrane USA, Inc.

    MEMBRAY┬« Toray MBR Membrane MEMBRAY┬« Toray MBR Membrane - Toray's MEMBRAY® MBR Membranes are PVDF flat sheet membranes with a PET non-woven support layer. The nominal pore size is 0.08 microns with a narrow pore size distribution. Toray membrane elements with a 1.4 m2 , a 0.9m2 or 0.7m2 membrane area are joined to our membrane module. These modules are...

  • Heron Innovators
    Heron Innovators

    Heron Innovators Heron Innovators - Heron systems have been shown to offer many advantages over the traditional Dissolved Air Flotation approach to solids thickening or removal including: • Removes more solids • Requires a smaller footprint (10% to 20% of traditional DAF) • Uses significantly less power (10% of traditio...

  • Carbon Activated Corporation
    Carbon Activated Corporation
    Activated Carbon and Related Services

    Activated Carbon and Services - Our high-quality activated carbon products can be used in many applications, including water and air purification, municipal potable water and wastewater treatment plants, odor removal, biogas cleaning, and precious metal recovery. We offer a wide variety of standard sizes and impregnated carbons, a...

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