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  • Dwyer Instruments Inc.
    Dwyer Instruments Inc.

    Temperature Temperature - Controllers, Data Loggers, Indicators, Monitors, Sensors, Switches, Thermometers, and Transmitters for Temperature; and Process Controllers.
    Flow Flow - Controllers, Fittings, Indicators, Monitors, Orifice Plates, Sensors, Switches, Totalizers, Transmitters, Water Meters, and Accessories for Flow
    Pressure Pressure - Controllers, Data Loggers, Gages, Manometers, Monitors, Remote Displays, Switches, Transmitters, and Accessories for Pressure

  • Blue Ribbon Corp.
    Blue Ribbon Corp.

    Pump Controllers Pump Controllers - The Dual Pump controller is easily programmable from the front panel for high & low setpoints for 2 pumps, high & low level alarms. Default menu is pre-programmed for the customer for easy operation and control.
    Industrial Quality Thermometers Industrial Quality Thermometers - Bi-Metals in 1”, 2”, 3” & 5” Dial Sizes. All Stainless Construction, Vibration Resistant - No Needle Flutter. Fast Response To Temperature Change, Hermetically Sealed (Moisture Proof)
    Gauges Gauges - An inexpensive utility gauge for the broad commercial market. Suitable for air, water, oil, gas or any other media not corrosive to brass. Ready for immediate shipment upon request.
    Pressure & Level Transducers Pressure & Level Transducers - Utilized for Industrial applications as well as high accuracy test stands.
    Blue Ribbon Corp. Blue Ribbon Corp. - Blue Ribbon began by becoming a direct distributor of gauges and thermometers to satisfy the needs of OEMs, which required high volumes of low cost quality products. Since that time, BR has grown into its own name brand of products with our main manufacturing facility producing Pressure Transmitters...

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